29 January 2015
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Why You Need A Url Structure For Your Website?


URL structure plays a very important role for a website. Urls can play an important role in the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. URL structure defines the motive of a web page. Therefore it is important to create well structured URL for each and every page of your website, especially if you offer information on various products, services and topics.

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What is a URL structure?

Rather than giving you a complex explanation I will try to explain it in an easier way. URL structure is how your page URL appear for the search engine and website visitors. You need to create search engine as well as user friendly URL for all the pages of  your website. This concept can be better understand by an example.

Let’s say there are two websites: website1 and website2. These websites target similar niche market and sell similar products. Let us assume that they sell “jackets”. Both deal with similar brands and product types.

However, website 1 does not have a well structured URL. It delivers good quality product at the best price but is unable to reach the right customer through search engine. It also ranks lower on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Let us see why?

As mentioned in the above paragraph. Website1 does not have URL structure. Let us see its page URL for Nike jackets:

Website1′s URL for Nike:


What so you see in this URL or link? Apart from the domain name, is there anything that you can understand by just reading the URL? The answer is “No”. Search engine crawlers cannot read a page like humans. They understand the motive of a webpage through links or URLs. This particular link tells nothing about the content that is offered in the page. Hence, the search crawler is left clueless about the products listed in that page.

Here is webite2’s URL:


Website2’s URL is quite specific; you can easily get an idea about the products listed even before visiting the page. When you read the URL you can see “keywords” such as men, jackets, Nike which tells you that the page is about Nike jackets for men.

Website2 have categorized its every page by using the right keywords and URL structure. It not only makes things easier for the users but also for the search engines. With such structured URL, search engine bots can easily understand the website’s structure. Your website gets extra points for having such URLs. This is the reason why website2 ranks better than website1.

Content management system like Weebly, Jimdo and WordPress offer their user with category specific structured URLs. This improves the SEO of their blogs or websites.

The structure of URLs plays an important role in organic search marketing as well as paid search marketing. So it is advised that you create well structured URLs for your website.

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