26 February 2015
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Why To Practice SMO Along With SEO?


SEO has been practiced by millions of webmasters for more than a decade, it not only allows a business website to rank higher in the search engine results but also helps in generating better ROI.


SEO & Social Media | Image Credit – ournettalks.com


Today, SEO is not just about putting keyword in your web pages. SEO has evolved. To make an SEO strategy effective you need to execute it by collaborating with other online marketing practices such as PPC, SMO and online reputation management.

SMO and SEO have become a very crucial part of any online marketing strategy. You can empower your SEO by integrating it with social media. Social media optimization (SMO) is a process of using various social media communities and platforms for the publicity of a particular range of products, services, brand etc.

There are countless type of social media platforms some of them include bookmarking sites,
RSS feeds, social networking sites, social news, Twitter, Facebook, blogging and video sharing platforms. Sharing your content and brand in these sites can provide you with a good amount of exposure.

The goal of an SMO strategy is similar to the objective of SEO i.e. to increase the traffic of a website and online presence of a brand. SEO focus on driving traffic from search engines whereas SMO bring in traffic from various social media channels.

Factors to consider before planning an SMO strategy:


The number of people interacting with you in social media, your social media following and various other activities contribute to social media authority.


You should be active 24×7, make effort to regularly engage with your audience and solve their queries. Use various platforms to connect with your audience.


People should trust the credibility of the content you share. You should be an expert or an expert in content curation.


You need to optimize and integrate your social media accounts with each other. Add Share buttons, social icons, subscription features (email, newsletters, and RSS), Rich snippets etc.

A leader influences other. As a leader your brand needs to offer information that will help you target audience.

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