9 April 2014
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What Is Search Engine Optimization?


SEO an acronym to Search Engine Optimization. Since most of the optimization methods use text to promote a website is also known as SEO copywriting.

What is SEO?

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SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that you can be detected by search engines

– It is a crucial part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

– It is a method of ranking better in the search engines.

– In this process, the theme is designed, developed and customized to make the website rank well amongst these search engine results.

– It is an effective way of bringing the search engine traffic to your website.

– It consist of techniques to understand the functioning of search algorithms and visualize how the people would search.

To be an SEO expert and plan your optimization strategies; it is important that you understand the working of search engine and how aspects are essential for SEO.

How Search Engine Works?

There are certain activities that are carried out in order to fetch the searchers results.
Search engines perform several activities in order to deliver search with the most appropriate results.

  • Crawling – In this activity, each and every webpage that is linked to a website is fetched for further. Crawling software is known as Spider or crawler.
  • Indexing – In this process the web pages fetched by the crawler are indexed. The indexed data is stored in the search engine database.
  • Processing – In this stage, the search engine process the text entered to get relevant results i.e. it compares the search keyword enter in the search box with the data stored in “database for the indexed pages”.
  • Relevancy Calculation- As there are millions of webpages in the internet, search engine uses this mechanism to calculate the relevancy of each page with respect to the keyword entered.
  • Retrieval of Results – This is the final step of any search engine’s activities. Here the search engine displays the best results. Your can check the results by clicking on the list provided.

Whenever a user executes a search. Search engine looks up this database based on the particular keyword. The activity of indexing aims to analyse the entered words and display the best results to the users.

Search engines like Yahoo! and Google keeps updating their algorithm on a regular basis. You may notice changes in your ranking, this happens due to the dozens of algorithms chances that happen every month.

When you become more familiar with SEO. You will notice the basic principle remains the same for majority of Search engine be it Google, Bing or Yahoo. However, there some differences in the search engine results based of their individual ranking and relevancy algorithms.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is a creating viewable text content for a webpage or blog. These text should be understandable to the readers as well as relevant to the targeted keywords. This practice helps in ranking higher in the search engine for a particular keyword.

Viewed text i.e. Copywriting technique is also used in various web page elements for on page optimization such as the headings, alt text, title, description and keywords tags.

The motive behind using SEO Copywriting is that search engines prefer valuable content pages rather than doorway pages i.e. additional pages. Additional pages are only created for attaining better rankings.

What is Search Engine Rank?

When users searches on a topic using particular keywords. Search engine looks up its database to deliver the right result. The web page with higher PageRank appears on the top. These PageRank depend on different Search engine factors. If your website is on the number 1 position of first search engine result page then your rank is 1.
With SEO, you can design and develop a website to rank better on search engine results.

On-page and off-page SEO

Search Engine Optimization services are divided into On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

On-Page SEO requires good quality content, proper keyword research. You need to keywords in the right section of your web page and choose the correct title for the page and content.

Off-Page SEO includes improving link popularity by engaging in link exchange, link building, open directories and search engines.

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