20 January 2013
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What Is Google Analytics ?


Today, almost every business has a website. They want to earn a good revenue from their website. People often think that creating a website is enough. Then an SEO professional comes along and tells them to get their site optimized. They do that, still there is no progress in their conversion rate. SEO cannot magically sell your products, no matter how perfectly you do it.

Google Analytics | image credit – schneiderb.com


To achieve better ROI through SEO, you need to understand your website traffic. This is when Google analytics can prove to be a blessing. So lets learn more about this wonderful service called Google Analytics. Google uses this tool for understanding the performance of its website. The data obtained can also be used during Search engine optimization.

Lets learn about Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a feature offered by Google that allows webmasters to understand the flow of traffic through their website. This tool provides you information such as which are the most and least visited web pages. It also allows you to understand the source of traffic such as social media websites, affiliate websites, other linking website etc.

How it works ?

To use Google analytics, the webmaster has to create a Google Analytics account. Users are provided with a tracking code that has to be incorporated within the website. This code actives Google analytics for your website.

Google analytics gives a unique identifier for every website visitor. This identifier helps in identifying users the next time they visit the same website. It also provides information about pages visited by a particular visitor and the time spent on the page. It also shows the IP addresses, this helps in creating a strategy based on location of the maximum users. It can also be set your analytics to know which were the previous sites visited by the user before checking out your website.

This tool also tracks the activities carried out by Google plus users on your website. Such kind of data can be very useful for any online marketing strategy.

This service is considered as a first party cookie. Your website traffic history can only be seen by you alone through Google analytics and this data is kept highly confidential and never shared with other users.

The webmasters can share their analytics data with Google. This will help Google get more information about the advertising market. If you share your data with Google, you will be provided with tools that can be beneficial if you are using paid search terms.

As a website owner, you can add your analytics data to Google’s pool of information that is related to your niche/competitor website. Google will send you a report by comparing these sites with yours.

There are numerous ways in which you can use Google Analytics. It can provide some really beneficial data that can boost your search engine optimization. So, if you have not yet linked your website to your Google Analytics, what are you waiting for ? Visit Google Analytics Page and start now !!!

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