3 April 2014
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What Do You Do To Create Link Worthy Website?


You need to understand the mentality of users to be able to create a link worthy website. Some websites are user friendly. These naturally invite links. They get greater number of quality backlinks. This is an easy way to rank better in search engines.

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Here are some simple guidelines to create a website that invites links.

Search Filtering Options

Readers on the internet have the habit of using search engines. They will not reach your content or article unless you have proper search filtering options in the website. This helps the users to navigate the website and reach your content easily.

Categorize Based On The Topic

Users always have a certain subject or topic which they search on websites or the internet. You must categorize your articles and other content based on that subject or topic. This helps the user find what he wants. It will leave the user satisfied. He may even link to your blog or website.

Options for Suggestions, Links to Other Relevant Websites

You may never know what your website lacks unless someone tells you. You must leave options for suggestions. People will give you positive as well as negative feedbacks. This is a great step in helping you improve your website. People link to websites where their opinions matter.

Users do not visit your website because they like you. People visit your website as it provides the information they seek. They may want to view other websites dealing with the same subject for reassurance. You may thus provide links to other useful websites dealing with the same subject. This may prompt them to link to your website as your website is useful.

Provide Access To Information

  • The access to information is different in different websites. Some websites provide complete access to the user. He can freely read the entire content. There are other websites where website owners try to cash in on the website content. In these cases, user can access part of the information. He may have to sign up or pay to read the remaining content. Both the methods are common. You have to select the one which appears more useful to you. You will have many users even for paid websites, if the user finds your content informative and useful.
  • These are just a few suggestions to create a website that people link to. This can help link building company to create a website that users like and link to. Apart from these facts, it is also important to maintain the quality of the website along with content updation, and this can be done by the professional digital marketing companies.

Ways to improve the quality of the Website:

  • Here are some simple and easy tips that will help you maintain the quality of the website and increase its popularity among users.
  • The website design should be attractive. The colors used should match the choice of the audience.
  • The website should load easily. People usually go to another website if a particular website does not open.
  • Avoid redirects. It can be annoying to some users.
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