27 January 2014
Social Media
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Ways To Improve Interaction With Customers On Facebook

The traditional marketing methods were mostly one-sided. The customers barely have to opine their views. There were customer reviews and other campaigns to understand the customers better but these were not effective. The new era of social media marketing has changed the scenario completely.


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Social media networks permit you to interact with customers on Facebook and other social media websites. If you follow a planned approach, you can understand the needs of the customers by interacting with them. Social media also permits the customer to express his views openly. Here are some approaches that you may follow to improve customer interaction on Facebook.

  • Always welcome new visitors to your product page on Facebook
  • Pos questions and feedbacks regarding your products and services on Facebook
  • Try to find out the businesses of your fans. This can help you understand their needs better
  • Make sure you answer all queries and doubts posted by customers
  • Do not delay replies to fans and visitors on your Facebook page
  • Try to join other networks and groups on Facebook which may be relevant to your business

These are ways to increase interaction on the social networks. You may even have a query as to what you must keep in mind while making a Facebook page about your product or service. You may also wonder what are the dos and don’ts of Facebook marketing. Here are some points to clear these queries from your mind.

  • Design a Facebook page which has a simple format so that people can understand without taking much effort
  • You should have a logo of your company as this will help you create a brand image
  • Do not overdo Facebook page marketing as this can have a negative impact and people may simply block you
  • Do not add more friends than are relevant. This may even be regarded as spamming
  • Do not upload heavy videos as people do not have the patience to wait till it loads
  • Design the Facebook page in a manner that it loads easily even on mobile phones

The last point is indeed vital as today mobile marketing of products is also gaining a lot of importance. People access the internet using their smartphone so it would be smart of you to target such customers by creating simple web page format.

Facebook is just one of the multitude of social media websites where you can market your products and services. Each website has a different strategy of social media marketing. Some of the other common social media sites where you can market your products and services are Pinterest, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Photo bucket.

When the customer is open to comment on social media, you may even come across negative feedbacks. You may now wonder how you must deal with these negative feedbacks without spoiling your brand image. Here are some simple tips and suggestions that may help you use the negative comments in a positive way.

  • Reply to negative reviews if there is a genuine problem. Convince the customer you will look into the matter.
  • If a customer gives a bad review, which is not relevant, ask them what their expectation from the product or service is. Tell them to provide
  • suggestions so that you may work on them.
  • Never leave a comment unanswered. Consider the reviews as options to improvise your products and services.
  • These are ideal ways to keep the customer happy and maintain your brand image on social media.
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