6 March 2014
Social Media
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Visual Social Media Content That Appeals To The Audience

Social media is one of the best means to share information on the internet. People share information on the social media and the content is bound to get word of mouth publicity which is very important for social media marketing. People are more prone to view images and like them more than read articles. You must know how to create visual content that appeals to the viewers. Here are some tricks of the trade that may help you out.


Social Media | image credit – therussogroup.com


What kind of Visual Content Appeals in Social Media?

Images have a greater impact on the viewer’s mind. Visual media and audiovisual media are always useful to market products and services. Here are four unique types of image sharing which is popular on social media.

Images/ Photographs

People can easily relate to photographs. Photographs and images make a person feel that the experience shared or the story told is real. This mode of communication is gaining a lot of popularity.

The smartphones have made it really easy to click pictures and share it on the various social media websites like Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.


Informative videos are another way to draw audiences. You may even use funny videos or advertorials which may be interesting to the audiences. Travel agents can very well make use of videos to reveal the beauty of different places to the viewers. This is a subtle way to advertise your trade.
You can share videos on Youtube and Podcast.


If you wish to get the attention of your clients, you must be able to tell your clients the pluspoints you offer and how you are better in the trade. This can be best done by using slides and online presentations. Sites like the SlideShare are great places to share effective presentations about your business.


This is a very recent trend of sharing information graphically. These are similar to charts made in schools. They are creatively designed and convey the necessary message very effectively. There are several websites which help you design informative infographics.

How to make the visual content go viral?

Once you have selected the type of visual content and the information you plan to share, the next challenge is to get it viral on the social networks. Here are some tips that may help you create visual content that goes viral on social media:

Be Humourous

Humour always appeals to the public. Whacky taglines and funny picturisation is sure to reach the audiences effectively.

Make it Short

You must not take too much time of the viewer. Make sure the message reaches the minds of the viewer instantly.

Understand what People Like And Share

You must understand the crowd you are targeting. This helps you choose the right image and do proper marketing of the products and services.

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