19 June 2013
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Using Facebook Voice Messages For Business Promotion


Do you connect to your potential customers or existing clients using your Facebook profile?

To make your job a bit easier, Facebook has recently introduced a “Voice Messages” feature into its messenger. This particular option in Facebook messenger app can be very helpful for people or organisations such as business owner or marketing professional to have more personalized interactions.

Facebook voice message is an effective way of connecting with your users, customers, or followers through your personal profile.

Advantages of using Facebook voice messages for your social media marketing needs.

Let us begin with understanding “Facebook Voice message.”


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The Facebook Voice message feature allows you to record 60-second audio message at once through your iOS or Android smartphone/tablet and sent it to your Facebook friends or followers whom you follow.

For sending a Facebook Voice messages you just need to open a new message in your Facebook messenger app.


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Android users can press the paper clip symbol, which opens a blank voice messages. iOS users can press the microphone sign.

As soon as you do that, you will see a blank recording feature has opened up on the screen. Press and hold on the red record button.

Release the record button if you have finished recording. To send the recorded voice message press the “Done “button.


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After sending the voice recording, you will notice a tiny Playback balloon in your chat window. Click on the play symbol to listen to your recording. You can do the same if someone else sends you a voice message.

Since, you now have a fair idea of how the Facebook voice messaging works. Let us move on to using this feature for your social media optimization services or needs.

– Personally connect with your new followers:



In the online world of Facebook, you cannot cross more than the 5,000 friends limit. However, you can use the “Follow” feature to connect with more users.

You can find your list of followers in the friends section. You can follow some of your follower and then send a voice message thanking them for following you. You can also provide them with information related to your business, other social media networks, websites, or events.

This feature allows your follower to appreciate your dedication and willingness to connect with them. Helping you to develop a better relationship with them.

– Create your Brand reputation

You may be a pioneer, public figure or your Facebook account may be a source of information for your follower. It is not possible for them to talk to you in person. However, the voice-messaging feature rather allows them to engage in a verbal conversion with you via Facebook chat.

You can also use this feature to surprise your existing or potential clients whom you follow with free goodies to promote your products and services. You can also offer them with free eBooks. This helps in creating a better customer relationship as well as brand reputation.

– Attract the potential users:

Design special discounts for your loyal group of customers. Send a voice message to notify them about the exclusive offers. There may be customers who have been continuously associated with your brand, addressing them via voice messaging regarding your product or service can be a great way of building your brand loyalty. You can provide updates about your new launches of products, and services amongst the targeted customers.

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Such efforts from your end can help in creating curiosity amongst customers about your products. Perhaps, they may even recommend your services to their friends and this cycle of recommendation may go on and on creating a better customer base for you.

– Have a plan:

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Make sure you use these particularly feature wisely. Do not overdo it by sending each and every person audio messages every now and then, you may be consider as a spammer and this may affect your online reputation as well as ranking. Such situation may adversely affect your business.

Design a strategy before using Facebook voice messaging, identify you crucial and productive customer base and concentrate your resource for providing better services to them.

Instead, use Facebook voice messages strategically to make a good impression with individual members of your community, become a valuable resource, and build loyalty with your fans. This technique can be effective for any Facebook promotion strategy. Many social media marketing company have been using these features to connect with their customers.

So, if you have never used the Facebook Voice Messages! It is time you start.

Source – Social Media Examiner

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