7 January 2014
Social Media
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Top six Social Media Marketing Predictions For Upcoming Year


The New Year 2014 is right on us! Now begins that part of the year when technology pundits get their ideas out, mix them up with their skills, spice it all with a dash of knowledge, and present to us with a set of predictions for the year ahead.Well, yes. This time we are now looking upon six Social Media Marketing trends, which according to leading social media marketing strategists, would rule the charts, and help make the brand/business get stronger presence online.


Social Media Marketing Trends | image credit – desent.be


Let us have a quick look at the following compilation and get an idea about what and how things could be affected by social media marketing in 2014.

1. Content marketing strategies would greatly involve social media: Apparently, social media and content marketing are NOT the same thing. They do not go hand in hand, neither one implies the other. However, there is a strong prediction that social media would be greatly relied upon in future content marketing strategies.

More than concentrating on driving traffic with the help of short and long tailed keywords, SERPs and so on, brands will understand the importance of Social Media better and learn how to attract hits via social media channels.

2. Hard time for shy brands – they need to pull their socks up!: Shy brands who have been refraining from social media marketing all this while – – will have to rather surface on various platforms in order to stay into the competition. Otherwise, it is being forecasted that small or shy brands are sure to be kicked out from the little competition they are being made to face.

It is time reluctant brands clear the air and come out from their dreamy world to ensure their valid existence. After all, social media is one tool that would improve trust building and transparency.

3. Social media optimization services will prosper: Just a while ago, there came a time very little people were actually interested in taking up job as social media consultant. However, it has been strongly predicted that jobs in this sector would boom in the coming days and titles such as Social Media Customer Service Specialists etc. will pop up.

This is because many customers consider getting in touch with their favourite brands via social media channels rather than calling up customer support for enquiries, complaints etc.

4. Google+ to rule the charts: By now, most of the companies/brands would have set up their G+ profiles. If not, it is time to do so as Google+ is the next big thing.

After Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, G+ is the space wherein many brands would strive for a foothold.

5. Social PPC coming into picture: Selling social media had been tough all through 2013. Still, there were companies who went in, tried their luck, and succeeded as well!

That means, Facebook paid advertising, Twitter promoted accounts/tweets, Pinterest promoted pins, and promoted pics and videos on Instagram would soon take off like never before!

6. Google is aiming to open up its API and integrate more scheduling and data capture with social media monitoring tools.

Google+ has been considered as people’s very own, just as if brands have also accepted it. Hence, they have now understood the significance of the platform, which is enabling them post meaningful content on a regular basis.

By posting and sharing worthy content, G+ will automatically become a nicer place for intense sharers.

Finally, it is being hoped that 2014 is the year of social media marketing and all of its elements. Social media channels would continue receiving high quality and feature rich content, which would be worth sharing and re-sharing — thus keeping brands/consumers engaged.

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