1 June 2016
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Top SEO Books :


SEO Expert Strategies by :

SEO Expert Strategies | Image Credit | d.gr-assets.com


This book was the best seller in Amazon. It is perfect for businesses failing to meet their online marketing objectives through SEO activities. This book showcases some of the top strategies and tactics used for online marketing campaign. The author will help you optimize your website without getting penalized. It also allows the reader to understand the working of search engine algorithms.


Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website by :


Optimizing Your Website | Image Credit – Amazon.com


It is a must read book on SEO. In this book, Jon points out some of the most effective ways to optimize a website. It is a great read and very informative for beginners. In this book, you will find some of the best advices of website designing, SEO, plugin etc. The book also educates the users on Google Analytics and various ethical online marketing practices.


SEO 2015 & Beyond by:


SEO 2015 & Beyond | Image Credit – Amazon.com


Many online marketers are terrified of getting penalized by search engine algorithms. This book helps you understand the working of search engines. “SEO 2015 & Beyond” also allows you to understand major Google updates like Panda, Exact Match Domains and Google Penguin. Read this blog to understand the basics of search engine ranking system.


SEO Like I’m 5 by :


SEO Like I’M 5 | Image Credit – Amazon.com


If you are a beginner in the field of search engine optimization then you must definitely read this book. This book will teaches you SEO with a very new perspective. The author Matthew Capala is a expert who has immense experience in the field online marketing. He is also an Adj. Professor at NYU, Internet Entrepreneur and International Speaker. Through this book Matthew has developed a perfect training system.

SEO Step-by-Step by :


SEO Step by Step | Image Credit – Amazon.com


This is another book that comes quite handy for anybody who is look for a step by step guide. You must definitely read this post if you are new in the field of SEO. This book was also amongst the best selling SEO books in Amazon. The author has explained all the aspects associated with content creation and search engines, effective content marketing strategies, generating traffic, on-site optimization for maximizing organic traffic, social media marketing etc.

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