4 December 2013
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Top Brands Ruling Tumblr


Calvin Klein
The Tumblr page of Calvin Klein signifies the spirit of the brand. Backstage pictures of designers, models, and shoots makes it a bit more peppy, fun and interactive.


Calvin Klein | Image Resource : tumblr.com


Disney is tailor-made for Tumblr. It has a great visual appeal that takes back the Tumblr users to their good old cartoon-watching days.

Disney | Image Resource : tumblr.com


GQ magazine is using the Tumblr to connect with their audiences offering them a preview of the top/latest feeds such photos, covers and articles through their Tumblr Page. A Great way to show the readers what’s in store for them.

GQ | Image Resource : tumblr.com


Lexus’s Tumblr page surely makes the statement through its classy look and elegant design. It is the one place where power, class, and technology come together.

Lexus | Image Resource : tumblr.com


Adidas has create a very cool and interactive Tumblr for its user with a great user-friendly interface that comprise of slides and videos; making it fun for the visitors.

adidas | Image Resource : tumblr.com


Coca- Cola
When it comes to brand promotion, no one can beat Coca Cola. It provides the users with a very engaging Tumblr page with plenty of attractive/sharable pictures and videos.

Coca Cola | Image Resource : tumblr.com


Other Global brands, which too are dominant

Sesame Street
The Tumblr page for Sesame Street is an adorable and interactive blog with loads photos, slides, videos and various other features. This page has growth to become quite popular amongst the Muppet lovers.

Comedy Central
Comedy Central is amongst some of the old brands in Tumblr. It still manages be on the top in terms of followers. The Tumblr page not only offers all the latest updates on comedians but also promotes different shows on the channel.

When it comes to sharing a historic moment through pictures, LIFE’s Tumblr page does it the best. Readers are provided with some the beautiful and rare collection of photographs.

Target’s Tumblr Blog has become a favourite hangout space for all the fashions fanatics. It tempts the readers with various beautiful fashion clothing’s, products, and accessories.

Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor’s has been very successful in connecting with their customer through their Tumblr blog. It is your “One-Stop” for fashion updates, tips, and Sales.

The Daily Beast
Through Tumblr. The Daily Beast is just doing the one things it does the best “Keep its reader interested” with latest updates on different topic.

Whole Foods
Whole Foods offers its followers a great online magazine through this tumblr page. In this beautiful page, one can easily find various details, photos, videos related to health, food, and lifestyle.

Glamour’s Tumblr page provides the readers with an alternate platform to connect with the designers, model and the of course fashion.

Simplicity is the one word that defines J.Crew’s Tumblr pages. It provides great fashions updates, tips, and suggestions in a subtle way.

Source : http://mashable.com

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