18 February 2015
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Top 10 SEO Tips For Blogspot Bloggers


WordPress and Blogspot are the two sites that dominates the online blogging sector. Beginners are often confused about which one to use. WordPress offers the best tools to make a website SEO friendly. WordPress users can customize their sites in number of different ways. It is a fact that WordPress is far more users friendly than Blogspot. However, it is seen that Blogspot offers quick indexing and it is cheaper to set up a website in Blogspot.

So, If you have a Blogspot website or blog don’t worry. We will be offering you some very effective tips for making your Blogspot site as good as WordPress.

Optimizing Blogspot :

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is divided into two part :

i) On Page SEO
ii) Off Page SEO

Off page activities can show unpredictable result whereas On page can be controlled. In this particular post we will be discussing about on page SEO.

Use Proper Permalink :

Your links should not be meaningless, try to incorporate relevant keywords into every link used in the content. A permalink is created automatically based on the title used. Therefore make sure to keep the title within 50 characters and use relevant keywords in them. You should also avoid using stop words in them.

If you are not satisfied with the automatically generated permalink then you are also provided with an option to edit it.


Image Credit | blogspot.com

Keyword density :

The density of keywords in content plays an important role in SEO. Use the right amount of keyword in your content. Your content writing should always look natural. Don’t just stuff keyword for SEO purpose, compromising the user experience of website visitors.

Keyword stuffing manipulates the search engines and it is listed amongst Black hat SEO practices. You may lose your search ranking because of Keyword stuffing.

Use relevant labels :

Use the right labels with every post you publish. These labels can help you a lot while using “related post” widget.

Create a perfect post title in Blogger

Often bloggers complain about their post title merging with the homepage title. Such titles are not recommended for SEO.


Image Credit | blogspot.com

Here is how you could fix this issue. Choose Blogger edit HTML go to the code section. You will see the following HTML code.


Replace the above code with

<b:if cond= ‘data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>





Optimize post images for SEO :

For perfect image optimization, it is advised that you fill relevant information in the alt tags, title and description. If possible try to incorporate your keyword in them. WordPress allows you to do this through plugin but in Blogspot you have to do it manually. After uploading every image you have to manually insert the above mentioned parameters.

Meta tags :

Search engines use meta tags to recognize the description, title, URL and other informations. They have a slight effect on the ranking and target keywords.

External links Should be Nofollow :

No follow is an HTML attribute that prevents the ranking benefits from flowing to an external links. In Blogspot, you have to go to the “HTML” section and add the attribute rel=”nofollow”. This will then prevent search bots from accessing that particular link.

Example :

Keywords or any content

You can get more information on “no follow” attribute from this blog (https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/96569?hl=en).

Comments are important :

Incorporating comment section is very beneficial and simple through Blogspot. Avoid spam commenting by analysing every comment. Try to use keyword while replying to a particular comment. It is recommended that you incorporate Google plus comment form with your Blogspot.

Social Media Integration :

Apart from all the above mention tips, social media also play an important part in every SEO strategy. So make sure you connect your Blogspot website with your various social media accounts.

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