9 February 2015
Social Media
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Tips For Improving your Search Ranking with Social Media


After the Penguin update a lot of website lost their link authority. They were confused on how to gain the reach that they have lost. They need a quicker way to gain their lost online visibility. Many started using social media for your online marketing needs.

Social Media Ranking 1 | Image Credit – rexsoftware.com


Get topics for content writing from social media :

Today search engines want online marketing activities to be natural. Social media can play a very crucial role in such a strategy. You need to specifically develop useful content that will be shared on various social media platforms. It is seen that generic content failed to develop the require engagement in social media. People will always link back to a content that they find to be interesting or useful. It may also offer various techniquea of marketing a social media content. social media also allows you to target particular type of user such as ladies, teengaers, kids, parents, single individual, coupldes etc.

Build links through social media

Social media allows you to easily build links for your website. Research done by various social media marketing companies indicate that search engines like Bing and Google take into consider the authority of website in social media like Google plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Here are some tips that will help you gain good quality links via social media :

  • Increase the number of followers in social media: The bigger your network is, greater are the probability of shares.
  • Social media integration : Integrate your website or blog with your social accounts. This technique will help in building your social media presence.
  • Use Tools : Scheduling tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck can help you plan better and reach countless social media users.

Multiple your social media presence :

Increasing your social media reach should be amongst the most important monthly goals. Social media can easily divert people to your business website and convert your social media follower into your regular website visitors.

So use social media marketing to promote your business and gain better ranking for your website.

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