10 July 2014
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The Right Link Building Techniques


Linking used to be the most effective way of boosting a website’s SERP, but gone are those days. Still there are people who practice link building. Many of them still use the old way of link building which can be unforgivable deed, if your website falls under the radar of search engine bots. It is time to revise your link building strategy. Here are some tips on improving your link building services.

1) Directory Submission

Using directories for link building is not a bad idea. In fact, many directories can be beneficial for your online marketing strategy. Directory submission backfires only when you link your website to directories that are irrelevant to your business.


Directory Submission | image credit – searchengineland.com


You should use a directory for link building only when your target customers are referring to it.

2) Outreach Emails : Generic

When it comes to outreach email, most people do it wrong. You will find plenty of bad examples of generic outreach emails. Here is one :

Outreach Emails | image credit – searchengineland.com


Before you start mailing people, make sure to analyze whether they would be interested in your emails. You should ask yourself these questions before sending such emails :

  • Who owns the website ?
  • What are their areas of interest ?
  • Which is the best way to connect with them ?

3) PageRank
There was a time when link building services used to charge based on number of links as well as PageRank. However, such practises are not advisable today.

Here are few questions that can help you choose the right site for linking :

  • What is the reputation of the website ?
  • What is the reputation of the author ?
  • How good is the quality of incoming links ?
  • Is the online presence of the site positive ?
  • How good is the content quality of the website ?

4) Keyword-Specific Anchor Text

When you use keyword specific anchor text, it shows the users/search engines what is the linked page all about. Many SEOs started misusing this feature by inputting keyword specific anchor text all over the web. Thus, Penguin over-optimization penalty came into existence.

Today, search engines have become smarter. Even without keyword specific anchor text, they can understand the relevance between two linked pages. So, today it is not necessary to have a keyword specific anchor text as long as the page or person you link to is related to your content.

Use these tips and attain good quality links to your business website.

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