17 February 2014
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The Relationship Between Sales & Marketing


More often than not, Sales and Marketing relate to each other in many ways. Still, there is not a single way that the two can share the same page. Although the both of them were meant to be together for a long time now, sales and marketing ended up heading in different paths.

In non-technical language, the relationship shared between sales and marketing could be a heart-shattering tale. A romance that is forever waiting to get a cue, apparently, never seemed to flourish.

Sales & Marketing | image credit – targetinggrowth.co.uk


Both sales and marketing strongly value content, believe in the power of social media, and want to generate leads, increase sales, and capitalize in Return on Investment as well. Nevertheless, call it their unfulfilled desire, sales, and marketing fail to make each other happy, often due to their inability to strike good communication.

Nevertheless, now, SEO companies, social media consultant have the chance to make the Sales-Marketing love story an unforgettable one by adding a happy conclusion to it.

Thanks to LinkedIn and Hub Spot for their effective eBook guide to getting that chemistry hit right notes. Moreover, the guide is recommended by leading sales and marketing professionals.

Focussing on the wrongs and rights, clarity and communication of both sides, the guide reveals almost everything possible about the crucial relationship shared by Sales and Marketing.

Therefore, if you think that you already are well-aware of both sales and marketing aspects of your business well enough, following are a few stats that are sure to shock you – as to what all you share in common and everything that can rip it off.

  • According to LinkedIn, approximately 63% of sales professionals are male, whereas only 57% marketers are female.
  • Around 25% sales professionals categorize “marketing” as a skill and 21% of marketing professionals list “sales” as a skill on LinkedIn.
  • While 40% of marketers are still not aware of qualified leads, 95% of them say that lead quality is more important for them.
  • Around 87% sales professionals think they do a good job of following up the marketing leads – to which only 64% agree.
  • More than 80% salespersons choose to share relevant professional details across social networks on a weekly basis. Around 72% used SMM to procure deals in 2013.
  • LinkedIn networks of marketing professionals are 16% larger than those belonging to sales teams. Marketing people use LinkedIn 20% more every other month.
  • More than 40% inbound views are availed on LinkedIn per month by marketing professionals.
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