16 July 2014
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The Most Effective SEO Tools to Help You Identify Bad Links


You can suffer as a SEO professional, if you have a bad link building strategy. After Panda 2.0 and Hummingbird, many digital marketing firms in India have improved their link building strategy. Due to this reason, search over the web has evolved.

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Identifying Bad links :

To identify bad links, you should be able to detect unnatural links. If possible download your backlink checker data in a spreadsheet format and check for :

  • Links from irrelevent websites.
  • Links from websites with low pagerank.
  • Links from domains that act as link farms.
  • Link from Link exchange.
  • Links from paid source.
  • Links from suspicious or malware sites.
  • Links that come from sites that are not indexed by Google.

Tools used for identifying bad links :

Google Webmaster Tools : This is one tool that every SEO professional or webmaster should use. This tool provide the best features for your website as well as link analysis. This tool warns you about the unnatural links. It also offers more information on these unnatural links. Under traffic, check out the category known as the “web interface” to know about the links coming to your website.

Open Site Explorer : Use this tool to know aboutsearchengineoptimizing.co/ URLs, title, domain authority and page authority of your links. This tool also analyzes your linking domains, top pages and recently discovered links. However, you can use the free version of this tool only couple of times a day.

Ahrefs : This is yet another tool for link analysis. It divides your inbound links based on the type of site, IP, TLD suffix, domain, type of site etc. It also categorises your links based on factors such as nofollow/dofollow, site wide or not, forms, redirects etc.

Majestic SEO : This tool offers detailed analysis on type of the links, trust score, anchor text etc. Again, you can use the free version of this tool just few times a day. For better functionality, you can use the paid version.

SEO Gadget Excel tool : You can use this tool to categorise the link of the data obtained from Open Site Explorer.

You can also use other tools such as Raven Tools, SEO Powersuite, Link Research Tools etc.

Link Audit Tools by WordPress

Broken Link Checker : This plugin can be used to identify the useless links linked to your website.

Wordfence Security : This plugin scans your website on a regular basis for malware and notifies you if there is a threat.

CommentLuv Link Cleaner: With this plugin you can identify suspicious links within your site.

These are some of the best tools used by SEO professionals all across the web.

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