21 July 2014
Social Media
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The Best Tools For Analyzing Your Social Media Activities


Social media is a platform that can provide a business with instant online visibility. A planned strategy is needed to promote any business through social media.


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Here are some tools that can help you develop and improve your social media optimization service.


Using this tool, you can collaborate your marketing strategies with social media analytics. It also allows a business to measure its online presence by showing how many people are talking about it. This tool helps businesses understand what kind of activities perform better on social media.


This is the perfect tool for companies with a larger audience across the globe. This analytics tool supports around 25 different languages. Therefore you can detect a social mention directed to your brand in any of those languages. The tool has a unique algorithm that can detect spam or fake interactions.

Google Analytics

It may not have a cool design but it surely is one of the best analytics tool for all forms of online marketing including social media.

A separate section called social media report was added by Google to its analytics tool. This tool also allows the online marketer to measure the conversion rate obtained through various social media networks. You can also monitor users’ behaviour of different social media users in your website.


One of the most preferred analytic tools for social media. This tool offers the users with a dashboard that helps in managing various social media accounts which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc.

It also helps in managing contents and scheduling your posts across different social networks.


Well, as the name suggests, this tool acts as a buffer for your tweets and shares. You can publish your contents on specific timing, based on the geography of your follower base. If your audiences are active at night then you can time your interactions in such a way.


This is an amazing tool for social media marketers. LocalResponse is a great tool to plan your ad strategies by understanding the intent of the users. A dashboard was recently added to this software. This dashboard contains all the analytical data.

Moz Analytics

This tools offers various features to analyze different social platforms. Moz analytics tool has various options that can be used to create an effective marketing strategy. Users are also given knowledge about their social media promotion and how it is related to their SEO activity.

Moz Analytics also offers you advice on how you can perform better than the competition and improve your social media strategy.

Marketing Cloud by Salesforce

This is one of the most advanced social media analytic tools. It listens to countless social media activities using the Radian6 technology which makes it more efficient and effective. It is also amongst the most expensive analytic tool.

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