5 February 2015
Pay Per Click
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Techniques For Planning A Productive PPC Campaign!


PPC has proved to become an effective way of business promotion for skilled marketers. There are countless resources available on the web. Through this post we intend to highlight only the most used PPC techniques.


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1) Go for branded keywords with cheap CPC, high conversion and the quality scores(10/10)

The quality score parameter of Adwords affects the conversion and cost of a PPC campaign. This element help in listing out only good quality sites as Google wants to offer its users with quality listing.

If you have branded product then using branded keyword is beneficial. Business with such products can attain better ROI by using branded keyword with great quality score. However, the success of this strategy greatly depends on the ad copy and the landing page.

2) Avoid irrelevant impressions by listing negative keywords

Before executing an Adwords campaign it is advised to list out your negative keyword. You can notify Google not to display your ads when any particular keyword or phrase from your negative keyword list is used.

If you are handling a huge campaign then the negative keyword list can often tend to become complicated. During such instance, the PPC manager needs to regularly analyze and update the negative keyword list according to the newly added phrase and exact keywords.

3) Analyze ROI/Conversions Vs. Keyword Quality Score For Better Conversion

While planning a PPC campaign, managers concentrate almost too much on Quality score. A good quality score may not always yield you better return on investments. You need to compare your keyword quality score against conversions or ROI.

4) Use Broad Match Modifiers

By using broad match modifiers you can easily target the intention of the searcher. Example – if you want to target a searcher who is looking for discounts on jewelry then you can use broad match modifier “+Diamond +Jewelry +discounts”. You need to have good quality score for this technique to work.

5) Test Ad Copies Manually Using Different Scheduling Settings

Adwords offer you with different scheduling settings. So before executing a particular PPC strategy, make sure you test your ad copies by applying different scheduling parameters. You may also use different PPC analytic tools for A/B testing different ad copies with each other.

6) Utilize Ad Extensions

Applying ad extensions can improve the efficiency of your PPC campaign. However you need to utilize only those extensions that are most relevant for your strategy. Using extension without a plan can backfire and mess up your conversion plan.

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