28 May 2016
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Snapchatting, a New Face for Marketing


When we said content is a king, images once again stood up. Snapchat, an app established in 2011 is a booming one. A very basic one, the users have to click a photo and communicate with their friends using those snaps. More and more people started engaging and now it is a new face for marketing. Age group 13-20 year old are found prominently on snapchat. Snapchat stand third after Facebook & Instagram for age group 13 to 20. Businesses usually find it difficult to tap this category, but with so many mediums available and with great marketing strategy you can achieve your goals.


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According to CEO Evan Spiegel, “There is real value in sharing moments that don’t live forever.”
With more than 100 million people interacting everyday, about 7 billion videos are generated. The amount is huge, almost touching Fb videos count.


How to use Snapchat for Marketing??

A personal touch with your audience helps you in creating a loyal customer relationship which is core to any business. Let us see how Snapchat can be useful in Marketing

Create stories :

People understand a format of storytelling than just directly bombarding with your message. Stories are active for 24 hours in each segment. Live stories help you capture and share stories on the spot. With no time decay you can reach your audience in time.

Teasers :

Teasers are very efficient when it comes to creating curiosity. Business can use teasers on Snapchat as a source to generate curiosity and get more personal messages for the same.

Fun and Excitement :

Engaging snaps with available emojis and effects on Snapchat do have a great reach to audience. If you wish for some crazy buzz, you have got it here.

Offers and Promotions :

Since post are live only for few minutes, marketers can create a buzz around by posting about offers and promotions. According to target audience, the offers and promotions can be designed. People can take screenshots and these can be tracked.

Branding :

Being short and memorable, a great marketing strategy will help you here. You need to jot down various campaigns that will work for the target audience. Once you have skilled this, all is well with snapchat. You can get branding as well as engagement for the same.

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