24 January 2014
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Six Most Recommended Tools for Content Idea Generation


A content is said to be effective when it generates good ideas along with superior quality and volume. Often, the volumes play a toil on idea generation. Many content creators run out of IDEAS.

The content marketing is a result of both publication read ideas, good quality content, which relates with the target customers. These days there are many content idea generation tools available in the market. Such tools are very useful when you are running out of ideas.

In this article, we bring to your knowledge the best content marketing tools, which would help the content writers discovering, developing and testing newer content ideas.

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1) Now researching concepts and keywords pertaining to the ideas, which you have in your mind, is easier with Google Keyword Planner.

The planner helps you in following ways

  • Provide long tail keywords for the topic you are aware / willing to write a post.
  • Huge list of keywords along with the variations, which are trending.
  • You are also provided with detail information about each keyword – Its reach, search volume, competition level.

Overall, a keyword planner will help you in framing ideas, which are best from search optimization perspective, as well with proper use of long tail keywords you may link more aptly to your content reader’s intent thus increasing a chance of stronger connect.

2)  Using sites providing QnA will help you to know your target audience better and you would be able to address their problems easily. Quora provides an instant knowledge of your targeted groups most tenacious problems.

Registering with Quora would help you to

  • Know your audience grievance better as well resolving their exact problems would add to you to the good books of your targeted consumers.
  • A detailed information of QnA, blogs related to your area of interest.

For example, you are a businessperson   who is keen to go in Seo. Then you must start by selecting “marketing” as your main category – range of subtopics appear there select – Search engine optimization and finally you’re directed to the page which has numerous   QnA as well blogs about your interest area.

3) Most of us like to know what is trending and stay in touch with daily happenings. A scoop of current events, trends, celeb life’s etc. is what catches our attention to read a particular post. Web content writers must incorporate the use of Google Trends most effective tool to know what people online are talking about.

The tool allows you to be in touch with

  • Current happenings, which has captured the online audience attention.
  • Ideas which readers would be keen to know and read about
  • The writers are more clearly aware about which angle of their post must they lay emphasize on.

When using the tool ensure you select a region, time bracket, category on which you are looking forward to know the latest trend. A graph appears illustrating about the topic of your interest along with the list of popular search terms.

4) While searching for information we come across very good piece of information where we would like to save the entire post – article, links, video so can refer it later while drafting content. Therefore, here is a great app called Evernote, which allows you to save the full article with all the added content – video, links. As well, sync option allows you to keep all your content handy regardless desktop, laptop, mobile.

5) Our prime motive is to explore new content, Trapit a very interesting app that possess a huge collection of database from several publications, sites etc.  The app provides the content curation feature, which is a vital strategy for any marketer looking to build in consumer trust.  The app allows you to test, discover new content for your consumers.

6) Tracking down and developing a content process to plays an imperative role, Trello a helpful project management tool allows you to organize, plan, create events, and track progress of your deliverables. It speeds up the process of content idea generation as well help you in better team management along with your projects.

The key to success as a writer is to keep experimenting new ways, ideas, optimize your workflow, and most vitally try what you love and confident about.

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