2 December 2013
Social Media
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Secrets to Garner Increased Likes on Instagram


Instagram is one of the many modes of social networking sites. It is placed in the same bracket as the others — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest, Myspace and so on. You would also know its advantages if you have already created your personal profile or a business page on Instagram.

A social networking site that enables users to communicate and interact with suchlike people by sharing all forms of pictures, photos and images, Instagram is proving to be a vital source to grab the attention of potential customers, as far as the businesses around the world is considered.

Hence, it is very important for a business which want to get promoted with social media marketing to stay active and accumulate leads in the form of Likes by users of Instagram. The more a business is liked, shared, and/or commented upon the better are its outcomes.

However, some new businesses as well as start-ups who have just launched themselves are facing hurdles when it comes to attracting customers via Instagram.

Fret not; here are some Useful Tips and Tricks (secrets) that would surely get your business-enhanced attention from potential customers — lurking around as members at Instagram. (These are the official findings according to a study initiated by Curalate.com, a web image analytics suite).


image credit | khamsat.com


So, here is how you would have to go about promoting your products and/or services through images on Instagram.

  • Collect post and upload pictures that are dominantly BLUE. Images with a blue hue generate more likes (of about 24%) than those, which are red or orange.
  • Make sure the images that are posted on Instagram, are of one tone. That means either mostly yellow or green. Study has revealed that such pictures attract 40% more likes.
  • Choose images with 0-15 saturation, means, less colour to get an increase of 18% in likes. It proves to be a good exercise for those who are not overwhelming hipsters by nature!
  • Too dark photos are a strict no-no. Rather, images with 60% to 80% light get increased likes by 25% than photos, which are of 40% lightness.
  • Use more than one hashtag to make the most out of every photo uploaded by you on Instagram.
  • Give a special look to the photos by using simple yet smart apps of recent times.

Following all of the above tricks and tips to attract Likes on Instagram is only beneficial for businesses who are seeking increased presence on social media especially where photos are shared.

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