25 November 2013
Social Media
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Search Engine Marketing or Social Media – Which is the Best?


Many online businesses lately have perceived Social Media Campaigns as their only way of marketing products and/or services digitally.We have known that various social media channels and networking sites are always handy as effective online marketing strategy — but one cannot completely overlook the fact that SEM or Search Engine Marketing is and would remain the core of digital marketing.


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According to a survey, Online Searches are the greatest ever crowd-puller to ecommerce sites with increased visits and sales of around 31 per cent. What follows next are emails, which contribute to 3 per cent growth in page visits and Social Media accounted for only 2 per cent of the directed online traffic.

Hence shifting focus entirely too social media marketing from search engine marketing would not prove beneficial in the long run.

Moreover, the fact remains the same that paid ads, SEO and social media campaigns all possess their individual qualities and importance. Therefore, choosing one over the other should completely be disregarded.

Take into account these simple yet effective steps to take care of your Search as well as Social projects:-

  • Analyse and understand the behaviour of your audience when it comes to Search Engines and Social Media.
  • Try collaborating Social Media and Search Engines for better results by creating a cross-platform for both of them.
  • Every digital marketer should understand the individual qualities of SEO and SEM and how both of them are equally important for online marketing.
  • campaigns.Emphasize on social assets and social activities to enhance organic search performance.
  • Set and deploy individual goals for social media and search engines.
  • Create and foster communication channels among Paid Ads, SEO and Social Media.
  • Finally, set best guidelines and ensure that they are followed by everyone.


Therefore, consider following all of these steps to strike a perfect balance between your SEM and SMO needs. By now, it is time to quit watching those increments in likes and comments and chalk out concrete business plans.

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