24 July 2014
Social Media
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Recent Design Changes in Facebook’s Page Layout


Social networks like Facebook has more than billion users. There are many advantages of using social media for small business. As business you can use this high quantity of traffic to spread the word, market your product, conduct PR activities, improve your branding and earn your loyal customers.


Facebook | image credit – th07.deviantart.net


Despite all these benefits small business still do not use Facebook. Many use their business page just once a month. First thing that you should understand are the different features offered by the Facebook layout.

Recently, there have been some updates in the layout of Facebook

– Larger dimensions for Images

Since Facebook is a visual medium, this update has a great significance. The new facebook design offers the users with wider column for posts. This provides a bigger view of images. Now users are offered a display space of 504 x 504 pixels.

– The Apps Tab


Earlier the Apps tab was displayed as Thumbnails. However, now it is modified into Text format. The text link of the first app is displayed and the rest can be found in the adjacent “More” drop down.

The thumbnail of the apps are still present but in the left column of your business page.

– Movable Sections

Every important feature other than the posts are places on the left column. The new design allows you to rearrange the order of each section except the “About” and ”People” section.

Here’s how you do it:

– Select the pencil symbol on the section you want to rearrange.

– Select manage section.

image credit | th07.deviantart.net

– Drag the section upward or downward according to your preference.

– Activity tab

The activity tab has been upgraded for better functionality. The new design incorporates “Notifications” and “Messages” options into the activity tab. It also provides a better view of all notifications and messages.

– Use Facebook as Your Page Option

The “Use facebook as ” option that allows you to do so, has been moved. Earlier it was present in the admin area but now you will find it in the top right corner dropdown.

– Website url

The new Facebook layout grabs the website url you mentioned during the business page creation and automatically places it into your “About”section. This feature was not available in the older version.

– Better review section

This new design has a better review feature. If you have a local business page then “Review” section can be very decisive feature. A page with better reviews may get additional followings.

Image credit | cdn.postplanner.com

The new layout offers a proactive way of rating pages/businesses.

The post your followers submit on your page are displayed at the left column in a larger “Posts to page” area.

These are some of the new Facebook design modifications. Make sure to keep them in mind before you begin your social media activities.

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