31 December 2013
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Reach Your Customer Base through Mobile Marketing


The Wikipedia definition for a Mobile phone is a device that can receive and make telephonic calls over a radio link. However today our mobile phone usage is not just limited to having audio conversions.

In this age of smart phones, our mobiles are packed with different features. With no doubt, one of the most important feature of smart phones is their “Internet accessibility.” Therefore, no matter where you are, nothing is out of your reach. It is kind of have a magic box in your pocket. The power of Web has made this possible. You just have to press a few buttons! Everything you in need is in front of you.

Other than internet one of the most favourite feature for mobile phone users are the “Apps” i.e. applications. These mobile apps are small software built for better user experience. Today, everybody has mobile with various apps in it. These apps can be web browser, games, location finder, Messengers etc.

Due to all these features, more and more individuals are using mobile for their daily needs. Making it a hot market of different business. Almost all major companies are using the mobile marketing to promote their services and product amongst the cell phone users. This can also help them in gaining loyal customers.



Mobile Traffic Report | image credit – tulsamarketingonline.com


According to Walker Sands “Mobile Traffic Report.” Out of the total web traffic, 28% is generated by the mobile users. Hence, businesses having a strong presence in the online mobile market are always in a better position it terms of brand presence.

Many companies today are reaping profits just by engaging with their potential customers through various apps. In the online world, these mobile apps have become an integral part of any content marketing strategy.

Mobile Applications into content strategy?


Why to incorporating Mobile Applications into your content strategy?

The number of people using mobile for their daily purchases is increasing day by day along with the growing ratio of mobile users. Apart from mobile phones, tablets has also played an important role in produce relevant online traffic.

Based on the recent research conducted by NPD it is predicts, “In 2013, the tablet shipments will most definitely reach more than 240 million units around the world in 2013.” Hence, incorporating different mobile device apps for your services can be great way to engage with customers as well as market your products.

Providing with better Customer Support & Service

Based on Click fox surveys, 78% of customers use mobile phone apps for customer assistance, which includes industries such as banking, travel, telecom etc. However, almost sixty percent of services, which includes gas, water, have not yet incorporated mobile apps into their customer service strategy. Whereas, 77 % vouch for the mobile apps in terms of brand marketing and loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction | image credit | parkavenuefamilydocs.com


Customer Satisfaction

A happy customer is a blessing for any business. Thus, customer retention and satisfaction are consider as priorities by all businesses. There is a very good chance that customers satisfied by your services will choose your products for their next purchase and may refer your services amongst their circle.

Gone are the day of discounts vouchers and reward points. Today, businesses are offering digital reward points to their customers through apps. These mobile applications can also be beneficial for business in tracking the shopping preference or behaviour of customers based on their recent purchases.

Lot of business has introduced their reward pattern and discounts through feature such as Belly, Shop kick Local, Loyal Blocks, Front flip etc.

Engaging the customer

The goal of making any application is user engagement. Using an app for your marketing purpose should help in meeting your business objective. Apps created by business such as Catalog Spree has taken user engagement through mobile to a very different level. Through their research, where they had compared URL links in emails that engaged online users with the links that attracted consumers directly to their mobile app. Catalog Spree points out that the app links offer six times better mobile engagement.

Mobile apps are the perfect example of using push strategy to its best and creating a better online presence for your brand amongst consumers. With the number of mobile user’s increasing every moment, mobile applications have been used by countless individuals or an online marketing agency across the globe. Therefore, if you are considering implementing your content marketing strategies through mobile apps, this is the best time to do so.

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