6 February 2014
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Ranking On Search Engines: Some Simple Tricks


Search Engine Optimisation is the new trade secret for online marketing. Everyone wants their website to be on the top in search engines. Webmasters keep researching for ways and means to increase the search engine rankings. There are a few essential tricks and methods, which are sure to affect the rankings on SERPs. Here is a list of the key methods.

Search Engine Rankings | Image credit – wrensoft.com


Avoid Flash

Flash and certain types of images may look appealing but do not load easily on all the devices. Many users surf the internet using their Android devices. You have to consider this while designing your website. Avoid formats, which take time to load because visitors usually do not have the patience to wait.

Meta Description

Meta description is a short description, which gives details about the article or the website. It is a great way to target the prime keywords. When you link to some other site, the user actually gets to view the Meta description so be concise and precise.

Image Description

Images speak a lot more than words. People often tend to use many images on their website to make the website more appealing. You must make sure that each of these images are accompanied by a text description about the image. This is for the web crawlers, which understand the text format and not the images.

Content Quality and Uniqueness

With the wide use of internet and the continuously updating search engines, the content quality is also gaining a lot of priority. You must make sure that the same content is not repeated on two web pages. Content uniqueness holds a lot of importance in modern ranking methods. You must also make sure that the content on the website is useful to the user and relevant to the topic.

Domain Name and URL

The domain name is the first thing you come across when you check out a website. You must always have domain names relevant to the topic dealt with. The URL needs to include the prime keyword if it is feasible.


There are two different types of keywords, prime keywords and long tail keywords. The keywords tell you what topic you deal with. You need to have the keyword in the title tag, Meta description and in the body of the article. Make sure you do not stuff the keywords making the article boring.

These are some important facts you need to keep in mind when you design a website as these enhance the rankings on search engine. You should do the SEO taking into account the Android phone users too.

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