29 May 2014
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Provide Useful Content To Your Readers Or Be Crushed By “Panda 4.0”


Well Google introduced yet another Panda update last week. You may ask “What’s new ! Since there were around 25 regular Panda updates in the past 4 year”. Well this time we are not talking about any usual update. This time Google is back with a bang with its “Panda 4.0 update” and the “Payday Loan 2.0 update”.

Panda 4.0 | image credit – sourcedigit.com


This update has not only surprised but shook the world of online marketing. It is considered as the second biggest Panda update. Even big players like ask.com, ebay.com and yellowpages.com are having a bad day. It is estimated that this latest Panda 4.0 will affect around 7.5% of the queries entered in English.

This Google update was a boon for many as well as proved as a curse to some. It improved the ranking of some websites whereas some major websites dropped in the search engine results.

Panda 4.0 Victims :

According to the research conducted by Searchmetrics, ebay was amongst one of the most adversely affected victims of Panda 4.0. Amongst other losers are, the famous search engine “ask.com” and the SEO favourite “RetailMeNot.com”. These businesses lost a good amount of online visibility due to the recent Google updates.

Here is a list of websites that were negatively affected by the search engine in terms of SEO visibility:

emedicinehealth.com = 500 %
medterms.com = 500 %
zimbio.com = 500 %
shopstyle.com = 250%
myrecipes.com = 250%
couponcabin.com = 250%
glassdoor.com = 100%
consumeraffairs.com = 100%
yourdictionary.com = 50%
buzzfeed.com = 25%

Google has introduced this latest update with an intention to make searches beneficial and relevant for the users. Let’s see why Google hammered some of the above mentioned websites.

Lets review ebay :

Often when users search for product on websites like “ebay”, they are redirected to a doorway page that has minimum amount of content.


Ebay | image credit | wordstream.com

There are three features present in the product listing page.

  • Internal search results of eBay.
  • Text ads, display ads and Product Listing Ads
  • Internal links between various product results pages
Ebay | Image credit – wordstream.com


They also started using aggressive strategy by incorporating very lengthy long tail keyword with their webpage footers. Visitors can refine their query through various ads displayed on the website. However, this particular page can be useless to the user as it contains less information about the respective product.

By bringing down these websites, Google has made one thing clear that, no matter how big your brand is, you need to provide the visitor with useful content that explains your service.

Conclusion :
Content | image credit – d1j2diro5xke84.cloudfront.net

Google Panda 4.0 may have affected sites that offered syndicated content. However, still there are websites that rank better amongst the search engine results inspite of having less content on their pages. Therefore, according to me the “Panda 4.0” update is still not rolled out completely and you may find few more algorithm changes in the name on Panda 4.0.

Hopefully, at the end of this Panda update, it will turn out to be bit more gentler on the websites.

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