10 March 2014
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Points To Be Noted When Drafting Content For Websites


When it comes to a business website, there is nothing that could match the impact of a properly drafted content. In fact, content writing is one of the most dominating elements of website creation and its maintenance.

Content for Websites | image credit – outspreading.com


It is worth noticing that drafting content for websites has evolved over the years. Today, when you sit up to create a user-friendly content, here are certain points you should keep in mind –

  • will the content appeal to the audience
  • will it be able to attract more audience
  • is the content compelling enough to convert potential customers into customers.

For your website content to be user-friendly in every possible way, you need to make sure that you find out what all your audience wants. The best way to know what your audience is expecting from your content is by –

Asking your customers

The best way to carve user-friendly and appealing website content is by asking your customers what they want. When sending relations email or newsletters, include a one-liner asking them about their ideas and thoughts regarding your products and/or services.

Doing research online

Online research helps big time. Apart from checking your own blogs and social media logs, if possible, also have a look at your competitors. Dig deep into your analytics, create reports and then draft the content for your online business. It will surely pull in more audience than before!

Also consider offline methods

Always gaining help from the World Wide Web alone would not do justice to your efforts. Take time out and fill in that magazine subscription form or place orders for those periodicals and journals you have been missing out on. Some of those published contents truly have great reviews and feedbacks about customers, business trends, etc.

See what content ideas your competitors have devised and implemented

Spare a minute or two to check out what ideas your competitors are devising and executing. It will give you an idea and assist you in chalking out strategies. Do not just try and copy their stuff but try to go that extra mile and take efforts to outdo your competitors. This is what will make your online business shine brighter than others.

Check out what social media networks are buzzing with

Social media networks are a boon for business owners. Apart from allowing unlimited promotion of the business, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ etc., also let you stay updated of trends.

Like for instance, there are some things that you will only find available across social media platforms and not otherwise. Hence, make sure you keep up with Facebook, Twitter, etc., to carve quality content for your website.

Think local, go global

A great way to draft a good, user-friendly website content is by thinking locally but incorporating global elements to it. Such kind of content uploaded on websites helps audience connect with it as they find the website worth going through and invest their precious time for the same. In return, what you get is conversions!

So the next time you are creating a particular content for your website, do make sure to incorporate the aforementioned points. This is sure to help you come up with valuable and engaging website content.

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