12 February 2014
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Point Of Differentiation Between SMO – SEO


If we notice its one letter what makes SMO different from SEO, SMO has transformed the way we contemplate about SEO. Let us begin with understanding Search Engine Optimization.


The search engine optimization companies mainly focus on making your website search engine friendly – Google, BING, YAHOO friendly. This is done by enhancing both the web design and web content. The ultimate goal of a good SEO is to ensure that your website appear in the top search page results for the queries which are relevant to your industry. Though SEO done is good but there are times when your webpage may appear on second page in search results than the first page. This difference is caused due the lack of socially digital presence of the website or some other website has better trust built among its audience than yours.

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This is where Social Media Optimization comes into play. SMO concentrates on how easily you can share your content across various social networking podiums and its accessibility while SEO aims on the relevancy of your website and its ingredients. Ways you can improvise with help of SMO.

Few result-oriented steps you may take:

  • Accommodating the use of shareability tools
  • Emphasizing on social of the term ‘social media’
  • Simplicity the essence on social network

Accommodating the use of shareability tools

Sharing your blog content across variety of social media network is very engaging. Use in AddThis most effective tool, which promotes users to engage with your content very readily.

Each and everything must be searchable even a link. Use in bitly or goo.gl that, shortens your link and make your post more neat and presentable. You also are at benefit of getting a detailed data about the clicks to your link, people seen the post so on. The link shortener makes it easy for your users to share your posts.

Ensure the copy is very well crafted, crisp matter at same time informative, involving and share worthy. Clicktotweet allows you to directly tweet your posts as well break down your post into micro – content that attracts people.

Emphasizing on social of the term ‘social media’

Note that the social media is not there only to promote, share your own content. The term social implies sharing as well promoting content other relevant content too which is pertaining to your industry. It is more of being social than a media which is a mere channel to advertise only your business.

Simplicity the essence on social network

When using a social media platform, make a point to utilize all sources like LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+ along with Facebook and Twitter. Even tools, like Twitter Card, Rich Snippets brand your content more robustly. These tools, align as well restrict the headlines, pictures, descriptions such different components of your website when the content appears on it. Simplicity increases the chances of your content being shared more as well makes it presentable to the users.

Using SMO systems and tools is a great way to boost and build your brand presence on social networking sites. SEO aims to get your website visible in search engine results, while SMO integrates all social media networking platform and tools to brand your business. Thus combining both SMO – SEO helps you grow drastically as a social business as well reap great rewards.

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