19 April 2015
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Now Out: New Music Video Search by Bing

Bing has lately unveiled its new search feature. This time, the search engine has given weightage to music video searches and updated the way a user would like to search for a particular music video at Bing official website.

Subsequently, searching for a music video on Bing has become easier and more interesting. Users can now make use of the various filters put up by the search engine and land right onto their favourite music video.

Video Search | image credit – geeksroom.com


All that needs to be done is lookup for a music video by song title, artist, or album and Bing would displays “most popular” results, which is, music videos relevant to the search.

What’s more, details of the music video along with “Top Songs” corresponding to the video would also surface.

When a particular album is searched for, Bing would also feature a list of all the songs from the album.

Bing is displaying videos from leading video sharing sites like YouTube, MTV, Vimeo, Vevo, Artist Direct, and more. The successive videos listed right below the featured video are grouped based on relevancy of a user’s search by song title, album, artist and so on.

Additionally, users can also preview the video and see further details about the same without having to click on it! Just mouse over and it is there.

According to Bing, one of the major reasons of rolling out such a feature-rich music video search is just because it wants to offer searchers with many opportunities to explore the content and make use of it to the fullest.

With over 1.5 million songs, 70,000 artists and a half million albums to offer as impeccable music video search results, Bing seeks to satisfy the needs and preferences of an avid music lover.


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