6 June 2016
Social Media
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NeuroMarketing Strategy To Engage Your Audience


Social Media being the top most medium to connect to audience but still way too far from our audience. Why does this happen? We know that our top most audience are on social media but still we don’t connect to them. Why is that??  Our strategy usually get straggled with our objectives hence making us temporarily connect with audience. Keeping basic principles of connecting to audience you need to strategize your campaigns in such a way that the posts will engage them.


Neuromarketing | Image Credit – Braynz.nl


Here are three ways to connect with your customers:

1. Give gifts to encourage responses: Engaging posts like contests wherein the participant will receive some sort of appreciation is always a thumbs up campaign for any organisation. Learn what your audience like, obviously you have to do vast research on their likings and disliking. It will take some time but will pay off. Offer small gift, discounts, offers, free trial etc. Compel them with your neuromarketing strategy to engage them with your post. For example you can advertise for a shampoo and also provide a free sachet to consumer to actually experience it. Posts which displays discounts will get the user attention.

2. Use emotional Triggers: Personalize your post, design it through emotional appeal.  Get your headline into a question which will compel them to read further. Study your relevant audience and accordingly use motivational quotes, inspire them, use emotions to display a connection and arouse curiosity.

3. Partner with influencers: Here you need to study who your audience trust and identify their influences. Partnering with relevant influencers and tapping them to gain trust of customers for your brand. The influencer will be our spokesperson and eventually leading into a trustworthy relationship with customers.

The above aspects will encourage people to engage with your pages and gain trust. Study them, understand them and draw campaign accordingly.

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