27 November 2013
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Multimedia Content Greatly Affects Audience’s Perception of a Brand


More and more businesses are now swearing by the importance of Multimedia Content. They have wasted no time to understand that engaging and visually appealing content can change the mind-set of the consumers, as video is becoming a crucial aspect of how brands are being thought about.According to a Video in Content Marketing Survey conducted by the Axonn Research, 70 per cent respondents affirmed that their perception about a brand was positively altered after viewing an interesting video content.Therefore, it can be comprehended that those who view such content are likely to buy in the subsequent time. This indicates that videos play a major role in content marketing.

Content Marketing Strategies | Image Resource : www.com2b.be


Taking a cue from this, businesses are already taking advantage and more than two thirds of corporate houses now make use of videos in their content marketing strategy. Around 80% businesses have surveyed nodding to use more visual content in the form of videos in the near future.

Researchers also discovered that around 75 per cent people share video content links with friends, family, and colleagues via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and G+.

This is evidently due to the increase in mobile capabilities and growing prospects of online platforms that videos are being shared at such mindboggling rates. Therefore, the number of frequent viewers has incredibly shot up.

Moreover, the study also finds out that only specific genres of videos are viewed and shared. Those, which are useful, funny, emotional, and gripping enough for some reason are the ones, which are being shared more often. Viewers watch videos for leisure as well as for official purpose.

Head of Axonn Research, Marc Turley, has said that he expects a sharp increase in businesses implementing multimedia as part of their content marketing strategies as it is already proving successful in withholding the customer’s interests and thus improving the brand value.

Highlights of the research can be downloaded from Axonn Research official website.

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