12 March 2014
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Long Live SEO


There was a time when SEO professional were like wizards. We were Cyborgs who used to challenge Google algorithm every now and then. Although we had some minor victories, Google won the war. We crumbled before its power. Often in the marketing world, we are overshadowed by PR specialists and creative agencies. However, I personally feel the process SEO has grown over the time. Despite of all the hurdles, we are still here, “Successfully” doing what we love. As markets through our creative thinking and outreach expertise, we had helped many small businesses reach their audience and flourish.

As new age professional, we need better our techniques and stay updated. Today, the only way to survive is to go by the rule i.e. Google Guidelines. Remember as online marketers our goal has always been and always will be to provide our clients with the best ROI. It was never about fighting Google. Therefore, with this objective in mind it is necessary that we innovate and find ways that could benefit Google and us. As they say, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Haters say “SEO is DEAD” but the fact remains that it survived. Over the past few years, in spite of the all the fluctuating Search engine guidelines many SEO agencies have flustered.

All you need to do is keep in mind the following element in mind: What should we master? Organic searches have always provided better ROIs. Therefore as SEO experts, the business need us to be on top of our game. It is seen that businesses that have been publishing regular blogs on their website for years face no problem in maintain their rankings. Whereas retailing website continue to invest a lot of money in paid search to gain minimal profit.

Google always need links and hence it will be an important part of SEO. Trusted links will always help Google to understand the importance of a website. Following points will help you create content to achieve better customer engagement:

customer engagement

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Understanding your target Audience and their Needs Identify the section of audiences depending on your products and services. Once you have done that, create your content strategy keeping them in mind. Do your research thoroughly before making your statement. Ask your readers about their interests. Offer your visitors new and useful information. Always join or start a conversion. Interact with them regularly and try to solve their queries. All these techniques will help a business to be in their customer’s mind. Improve your Content reach Every business have different audience and outreach.

A business can gain huge amount of engaging customers through many ways such as forums, blogs, editorials, Facebook pages, and social Medias. As an online marketing professional, you also need to understand how to use these platforms for your advantage. This technique will provide you large number of referral links. Create content that interests your customers.

Along with improving your outreach, personalization of the content is also important. Always keep in mind that your are dealing with busy professional who have numerous prospects in front of them but your’s should stand out from the rest. Rope in few genuine authors or guest bloggers. Creating best quality content for your users is important. This is where most of the business fail. Your strategy is useless if a customer comes to your landing pages but leaves within seconds due to stale content. Rather just providing them with data, try to make it a bit interesting and engaging for them.

Producing an effective content requires considerable amount of time, thought process, and in-depth research. There are no short cuts, although hiring a graphic designer and developing a good looking website can help but at the end it all comes to how your showcase your products and services in front of your customers.

Conclusion: The world of SEO has evolved. Our SEO strategies should be more target and refined. If the client want’s better ROI, we should provide it. As online marketers we need to be the best at what we do i.e. reaching the audience.

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