7 January 2015
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Increase Your Online Sales through Mobile Devices This Christmas


Online Sales Through Mobile Devices | image credit – intelligentpositioning.com


The Christmas season  has begun and it is the best time of the year for businesses. During the month of December, people all around the world are ready with their shopping list. If you have a business that expects great revenue this Christmas then you must definitely read this post.

According to the recent post by Google, there has been a 40% increase in online traffic from mobile devices every year. 48% of people do their shopping in the first two weeks of December. Due to Christmas discounts and offers provided by different brands online shopping is at its maximum between 21 and 23 December.

Experts believe that this Christmas will prove to be quite joyful for many online brands and retailers. Pre-Holiday Retailer and Consumer Study conducted by Shop.org stats states:

  • 53% people use tablets and 42% people use smartphones to research about products
  • One third of the surveyed users use the web to get store info and contact details or timings.

Mobile sales has become a very important factor for every online business. Every year the conversion rate of mobile is increasing tremendously. According to the survey conducted by IBM Experience One, Smartphones and tablets generated 19.1 % of online sales in December 2013 which is three times greater than December 2011 sales results.


Online Sales Through Mobile Devices 1 | image credit – visionmobile.com


With so many websites having mobile friendly design, experts predict that this December is going to be even better for online sales. Brightedge’s survey points out that there has been :

  • 50% increase in mobile traffic
  • 12% increase in average order size
  • 26% increase in conversion rate

The chart mentioned below shows the average order size for a first three quarters of 2014 (Q1, Q2 and Q3) generated by smartphones and tablets.


Increase Your Online Sales | image credit – searchengineland.com


Each and every survey or stat mentioned above will prove to be beneficial to all marketers planning their mobile marketing campaign for this Christmas holidays.  It encourages us to use the recent trends and technologies to offer the best experience to users and attain greater returns. Due to such positive outcome, brands not only prefer mobile-optimized site but also offer device-specific experience to the users. This allows them to utilize the growing ratio of online shoppers to their advantage.

Thing to do to improve your sales in 2015 :

If you have not yet considered mobile targets in your marketing plan, it is about time you do so. Make sure you follow these points to satisfy mobile shoppers in 2015 :

Increase Your Online Sales | image credit – google.co.uk


Choose the right mobile friendly design : Understand which mobile design suits your needs. You can choose from different mobile design experiences such as a separate mobile site, responsive design or dynamically serving web pages.

Mobile device specific content : Mobile is a powerful medium for your online sales therefore make sure to pay extra attention to it. Create and share content that is useful specifically for mobile users. Many website today offer features like apps and mobile friendly design to offer users the best shopping experience.

Mobile analytics : Don’t just rely on desktop design. Regularly keep testing, optimizing and analyzing your features such as product listings, checkout experience, shopping cart etc. Make sure to check whether the content you share is convenient for the mobile users.

Today everybody has a mobile device which makes it a very important aspect to consider for every online business. I hope that this post was informative enough to encourage the use of mobile friendly website design.

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