23 February 2015
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Improve Your SEO With The Link Building Techniques


Link Building is a very crucial part of every SEO strategy. A website cannot improve its search engine ranking unless it has good number of links linking to it. This is the reason why businesses are opting for link building services.

Link Building Techniques | Image Credit – Qdtricks.com

Here are some of the top link building techniques that will help you generate great traffic and ranking in various search engines :

  • Solve queries on Quora

If you are expert in your field then make sure you help others out. People constantly use platforms such as Quora to ask questions and solve their query. It is a perfect platform to help out people with their queries and make them follow you and your website.

  • Use Rediff Pages

You can create an account in Rediff Pages and start posting blogging linking to your sites. This is a nice way to generate backlinks for your website.

  • Start blogging

The more you post, the more content you will have to share. Keep writing content and share them on various online platforms.

  • Share your content on blogging communities

There are countless blogging communities such as Reddit, Stumbleupon, ScoopIt etc. These communities are great source of high quality links.

  • Do Blog Commenting

Commenting on relevant blogs can be a great way of getting links. However don’t use exact keywords in your comments. Such comments are considered as spams. Try to use long keywords in comments.

  • Do Guest Posting

Experts from Google say that guest blogging is a spammy practice if the content you share is not original. Top online marketers continue guest blogging on sites like Search Engine, Journal and Forbes.

  • Broken links

Check out your website for broken links. Broken links can damage your online presence. So make sure to repair or remove such links.

  • Use Infographics

Currently we have seen that Infographics have been trending. Infographics share high value information in a visual way. People like to share infographics more than regular images or posts.

These are some of the major link building tactics that helps you improve your website’s rankings.

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