1 February 2017
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Important Analysis that Helps an SEO Company in Optimization


All types of SEO optimization strategies wish to attain a common goal of improving the ranking of your website on a search engine. Thus, a lot of the focus of optimization is in the structure of the website to help a search engine to find it easily.



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Quality SEO Services always take following factors into account while analyzing the structure of your website. So be sure that your package includes the following:

1. Site Errors: Some common errors in your website such as duplicate page content, 4XX errors, missing title tags, duplicate title tags, etc. can take away the credibility of your website. This gives a wrong impression of your website to the search engines and prevents it from securing a spot in the premium listing.

2. XML Sitemap: This is an important part of the structure of your website that controls the pages of your website that you wish to be indexed by a search engine.

3. Robots.txt: There are various sections on your website that you want to be hidden from public access. Robots.txt helps to ensure that you can hide all such web pages from being searched or indexed in a search engine.

4. Underlying Codes: The speed of your website is an important factor to create a good impression of your website. Most of the users are impatient and thus slow navigation between pages is something that is unacceptable.

5. Indexed Status: The quality and the selection of the indexed pages is very important as it determines the ease with which search crawlers can search phrases relevant to your website. Indexed pages are the one that actually appears in the search results of a search engine.

6. Duplicate Meta Elements: It is important to avoid any repetition of content, meta descriptions or title tags as they can hamper the ranking of your website on a search engine.

7. Content Analysis: It is impossible to achieve optimization without having a relevant and good quality content listed on your website. Missing pages, repetition of content, etc. can be the main reasons for the poor ranking of your website. Thus, a good SEO Company would always want to analyze the core content of your website to fix any errors.

8. Off-site Analysis: Most of the people believe that optimization of a website is entirely based on the content and the structure of the website, but there are a few off-site factors that require equal importance. This includes directory listings, updating listings, analyzing the strategies of the competitors, etc.

Before you hire SEO services, familiarize yourself with the basics for better results.

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