30 January 2014
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Importance Of Customer Driven SEO Practices


The moment Google announced it’s “Not Provided” keyword update back in 2011, majority of companies lost valuable keyword data that could be beneficial for planning their SEO strategies. Many of the SEO practitioners consider this change as a disaster for their online marketing program.

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Although, various SEO techniques where developed to deal with Not Provided keywords scenario since they occupy maximum amount of your organic referrals. However, many online marketers are still worried about Google’s next update and its effect on their marketing plans. This has forced various marketers to shift from SEO Services to other options such as content marketing, Social media marketing, PPC, online public relations etc.

Last year, Hummingbird update was introduced with an intention to provide the search engine users with a more precise search results by improving the search semantics. Google claims that this update will allow the search engine to understand the intention behind the user’s search.

Rather than mere online advertising, Focus of Google has always been to provide the searchers with the most relevant results. This is the sole reason behind creation of this search engine. Therefore, it is time SEO experts release this and concentrate their strategies not only on sales generation but also on offering their target audience with answers and informations that are useful to them. Such an online marketing plan can fetch great customer loyalty and following on the online world.

There are certain question that online marketers should answer before designing an effective online marketing strategy such as

  • What topics are crucial to intrigue customer towards their business?
  • What is the characteristics of the target customer?
  • What should be the sales cycle?

Still there are numerous companies hiring top content writers and SEO professionals to create betters keyword optimized contents. Such content may not address the target audience in any way making them ineffective in traffic as well as providing user’s experience. Majority of traditional SEO focuses on page views, rankings, organic traffic, revenue, rather than customer’s engagement and experience, which is an incorrect way of brand promotion in the current scenario.

If you want to create a user centric SEO, first thing you need to do is understand your online business objective, why and to whom are you marketing the products. Once you have identified your target audience, you need to map their interest and online activities. Based on all these factors plan your keywords, create, and optimize your content. Such SEO, technique not only improves engagement but also offers you better online revenue.

Many companies are unaware of these online marketing norms. Such business could hire agencies that offer SEO services. However, while choosing an online marketing agencies make sure you take into consideration all the above-mentioned points.

With the right SEO assistance, your online marketing strategy can focus on consumer’s engagement/service as well as online sales. Your optimization and content strategy should develop your website into a reliable source of information amongst your customers.

Therefore, today being present in the mind of the customers is more important than being present in the search engine results. An online optimization strategy should help you meet these goals on a long-term basis.

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