8 January 2014
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Importance Of Collaborating SEO With Web Designing

In the 90’s SEO web designing just meant simply stuffing keyword that you wish to optimize into your web pages, getting list in top directories and optimising your Meta description according to the search engines.

SEO and SEM is as old as the search engine. Earlier to get your top rank in the Yahoo search engine, you just had to enter for your keyword more in the search bar.

However today the Search Engine such as Google have evolved with an intention to provide the searchers with the most relevant, authentic, and superior quality result. This can be achieved by keeping in mind various researched keywords, algorithms, and web metrics followed by the Search engines.

Today, the game of ranking higher has become very competitive and challenging. Thus, the Job of an SEO expert has become more and more difficult. However, we say do not worry. Because the key to better Search engine optimization and social networking is, have a great website.


Keyword is the soul of any SEO web designing strategy. Initial stage for any online marketing plan is keyword research depending upon your website/business objective. For example if your business offers, online-personalised birthday gifts then your top keywords would be personalised gifts, birthday gifts, online gifts etc. Using tail keyword can also prove to be helpful.

Website Navigation | image credit | amprewave.com


Having a superior website navigation is the best way of making a website that is user as well as search engine friendly. Therefore, always create a navigation layout that is compatible to users and search engines. Planning your site Navigation according to the semantic can be very beneficial.

URL’s And File Folder Name

A user can identify your website through a particular URL. It is the best way to optimize a website. Every web page should have a web address i.e. URL. However, this website URls should not be compel.

Bad Example of URL: (doesn’t provide a clear picture about the destination page) http://www.graanseo.com/seo/xy.html?hvsHhHrtrthjhjkhkl;kkjnjnbcxzxgjhagsqjwy Good Example of URL: (it points the objective and key terms of the webpage. People are more likely to click on it.)http://www.graanseo.com/seo/tip-for-better-ranking.html

Images :

  • One of the critical part of SEO web development is how you use images.
  • For quick loading make sure you optimize your images.
  • Using alt tag with your images make them more search engine friendly.
  • Use images that are relevant to your content and web pages.
  • Place all your images in one folder.



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