20 February 2015
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How Important Is Internal Linking For Your Website?


A website can rank higher in the search engine ranking only if they do SEO of their website. There are countless SEO practices that will help your website rank better on the search engines. In this post we will be talking about one such practice know as internal linking.


Internal Link | Image Credit – wikiweb.com


Understanding Internal link building

Internal linking is a technique in which you link one blog from your website to another blog of your website. This helps the reader to get more relevant information on the hyper-linked term. The basic idea is to link your internal pages with each other.

Benefits of internal linking

Website navigation :

Internal linking is considered as one of the highly effective technique in search engine optimization (SEO), it improves the navigation of your website. The readers can easily navigate from one blog post to another. Such a navigation pattern is very helpful for the user’s experience. It allows one good blog post to bring traffic to the other posts.

Helping search engine crawlers as well as website visitors :

Internal blogs allows you to provided additional information that can help the readers understanding the topic in a better way. For example: If i’m talking about services offered in SEO, i’ll probably link the words “SEO services” to one of my internal pages that has the list of SEO services so that my readers could understand the topic in a better way. Internal linking not only helps the user but also the Google bot.

Reduce the bounce rates :

Experts say that a person reading your post can find internal links very helpful in terms of understanding the topic. This can also decrease the bounce rate of a particular website. A person goes from one page to another keeping the interests alive and improve the browse time of those pages.

Sharing the page rank with other pages :

If one of your page has a good page rank then by linking it to relevant pages you may share the page rank. This is the reason why Internal linking is used to improve the ranking of other pages. Using this technique you can improve the performance of the lower ranking pages.

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