31 January 2014
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How Does SEO Work?


Internet has been a largest source of information for people from different corners of the world. Almost everybody today use the web to get answers for their queries. These queries can be from different area of interests such as sports, entertainment, news, navigation etc.

Many of us may have wondered how Internet could deliver information to such huge number of distinct queries. All of this is possible through various search engines and SEO i.e. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that allows a website to get free online traffic through natural listing/organic listings on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Almost every search engine provides its users with results that are text content, videos, images, local listings based on their entered query. These pages are listed based on their search engine rank.

Search engine optimization

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Explaining how search engine works can be complicated. However, through this blog we have tried to make it simple for you people. So, to understand how search engine or SEO works. Let us take an example of a librarian; people come to him to find the book they need. How does he do it? The librarian has a system that allows him to know where exactly is the book kept. What type of content it contains? How different books are related to each other?

This system used by the librarian indexes all the books according to their location and content. It stores a lot of information regarding different books and offers the best suggestions that is relevant to the Enquirer’s need.

We can consider search engine like Bing, Google as the librarian of the web. They have systems that accumulate information regarding every single webpage on the internet. This helps the searcher to find exactly what they are looking for.

Every search engine has a secret recipe called “Algorithms” that helps creating relevant search results from all those informations. If you have a personal or business website being present in the search engine result matters. If your page has a high search engine ranking, it will be listed amongst top search engine results and more people can find you on the web.

Key to higher search rankings is having a website that has all the factors required by these algorithms. The process is called “Search engine optimization.”

Following are some of the factors that plays important role amongst the Search Algorithm:

Words (Keywords)
Words (Keywords) with links

– Words (Keywords):

Search engine keeps track of every word on internet. This help in providing better results. For example if a person searching for “Men Shirts”, the search engine can filter results by choosing pages that are relevant to the words “Men” & ”Shirts”.

– Title:

Every Web page on the internet has an official page title, which is invisible to the visitors as it is embedded in the HTML code of the page.

Page title are consider very crucial by the search engines because they often outline the objective of page. This allows the search engines to understand and categorize the content inside your page.

– Links:

In SEO, having Links is an important factor. When a website links to your website, these links are considered as a vote of recommendation by the search engines. Links signifies that your pages have good information.

Having many links to your website can be beneficial. However, many websites buy bulk links to their pages for fooling the search algorithms. To deal with such a situation search engine gives better weightage to links coming from trustworthy sites.

– Words (Keywords) with links:

Having your keywords linked to the relevant web pages allows the search engine to understand your website. If your page has, the word “iPod” linked to “apple.com” then search engine will consider that apple website is related to the word iPod.

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Therefore, when someone searches for iPod on search engine there is a chance that the Apple website may appear amongst the search results. However, this relevance is determined based on number of links between that particular word and page.

Higher the amount of relevant links better are possibilities of ranking higher.

– Reputation:

Site that consistently produces or publishes fresh content and possess growing number of links from other quality websites is consider authentic (Reputed). These websites can easily appear amongst the search engines top results.

The facts mentioned above are just some major pointers, SEO factors keeps on changing or updating. The best way for SEO is to make sure that your website has unique and interesting content that are useful to user as well as contains all the major search engine factors.

So, always try to design a user-friendly website based on the SEO guidelines.

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