30 October 2013
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Helpful Deed by Google to Protect the Interest of Webmaster Tools Users


Google Webmaster Tool | image credit | desiredranking.com


Google Inc. is a huge technology company that has its people on their toes — round the clock. Right from working upon algorithms to releasing updates, tweaking and looking after the programs, Google does it all — but in a long course of time, for obvious reasons.

Above all, Google has 250 million domains to look after. In all, it allows the company to spend very less time resolving issues of the users of Webmaster Tools.

There are hundreds of thousands of Google Webmaster Tools users who regularly depend upon the internet technology giant to get their issues resolved. More than anything else, they long for real time support for their questions and string of issues. However, it is worth noticing that they are left with nothing but automated responses from the IT Company.

Being bustling with activities all the while, Google is somewhere not able to reach out to all those who seek its help when it comes to the Webmasters Tools. Therefore, all they get to see or hear is the “automated responses.” It is seldom that the company finds time and resources to reach out to each one’s problems.

Therefore, Google has come up with an efficient solution for this problem as well. Without letting its Webmaster Tools users return empty-handed, Google has created various videos and automatic answers wherein it tries and solves the otherwise frequently asked questions.

Questions and queries, which are more crucial, critical, and common enough for the users to put forth Google, have all been compiled and assimilated into videos.

Even if it cannot reach 2 million queries on a daily basis, Google tries to come a bit closer to this number by way of its Videos meant for Webmaster Tools users across the globe.

The answers are obviously generic but to the point and fairly aims to satisfy the demands of the asker.

Along with the video as the response, the asker would also receive message – “ok yes everything is done.” It would also flash a negative response if something were still in the pipeline somewhere.

As easy and approachable as Google can be? However, users will need to have immense amount of patience if they wish to get their queries resolved by Google. So, watch the videos and you might just get lucky enough and be among the ones who would get their queries resolved by watching the tutorial-like videos from Google!

Link seen: http://www.worthofweb.com/blog/video-what-is-google-doing-to-provide-support-to-webmasters/

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