7 February 2014
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Handy Tips For Link Building


When it comes to actually optimizing a particular website by applying favourable SEO techniques, link building acts as one of its most dominating aspects. In fact, most of the SEO outcome is directly proportional to the number of inbound links a website has managed to draw.

Link Buiding

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Accordingly, most of the providers of SEO services in India, suggest that link building need not be carried out in that plain, traditional way.

Just as the field of search engine optimization is ever changing, the methods of building links have also evolved evenly. Let us see how you can work to generate an increased number of good links for your website.

1. Experiment with a New Tool

Search through the internet. You will obviously be able to find newer and more refreshed tools for link building. Look through emails and if you probably come across someone asking for beta, testers, for a new link tool – do not hesitate to sign up for it!

2. Advanced search operators

Its time you learned more about various advanced search operators. There is always something new to learn under this topic.

3. Resort to a different search engine

Why Google all the time? The next time you are looking up for something, take the help of different search engines, and let your website reflect that. Merely go about searching where you normally will not.

4. Give up text/news search

It is not a bad idea to search through tons of images. In fact, you are doing well for your business by going around looking for search results within images. It is fun too!

5. Interchange projects with your co-worker

The thought of generating new and improved content ideas can exhaust oneself to the core. Why not switch projects with your co-worker and get some relief by handling a very different work. This is sure to increase the productivity as well.

6. Link contest, anyone?

It is well known that link builders are quite good competitors. In return, the competition is healthy and fails to disappoint either parties involved.

To double it, announce a link contest – like – “if we are able to extract X number of links in the given timeframe, and we buy lunch for the winner!” Nevertheless, make sure that the quality of work is not sacrificed in the meantime.

So, that’s about some link building tips any digital marketing company in India should follow. Link building need not always burn you out, make it enjoyable and you will see the outcome increasing with it.

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