29 January 2014
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Handy Link Building Tips For Your Online Business


Apparently, in 2014, Link Building is being perceived as a taboo topic to be talked, heard, or read about. Not that seriously so.

Ever since Google started cleaning up its Link Graph by taking out the spam link economy from its Page Rank system, link building is being considered as one of the black hat SEO techniques. It is also linked to the fraudulent mechanism of spamming in search engine marketing.

Link Building Tips | image credit – konnectingu.com

However, it does not need to be that way and rest assured that Google is not running away from this. Nevertheless, for those who are yet to notice it, we are in a certain web era that requires every other thing to be backed by logic. That said, it also suggests that there are no shortcuts to authority and trust does not exist anymore.

Therefore, it is time to think and re-think about ways to build a few backlinks to your website. Let us see how you can do it.

1. Draft awe-inspiring content

Well, drafting an awe-inspiring content literally means that you stick to the point and provide an answer to the question or a solution to a problem. It does not indicate that you go over the board and try creating rather page-filling content that is eventually of no good use.

Simply put, your content in the form of blogs, articles or website content should be containing valuable information and capable enough to deliver lucrative solutions quite effectively.

2. Sharing the awe-inspiring content across social media platforms

This is one of the greatest steps towards social media optimization as well. In return, you are doing well to your business by drafting and sharing valuable information in the form of content across social media platforms.

So, the next time you draft a decent post for your website, do not hesitate to share it, tweet it or pin it.

3. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is becoming a rage now. Every other online business is turning to guest blogging to deliver much relevant content to their customers. As such, the process of guest blogging intends to give the website a particular platform to target a base of audience that is relevant to your business, one way, or another.

Therefore, it pays off well if you seek useful and industry-relevant contacts and websites and give them the best of you.

When you carefully follow the above three useful points, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised on the number of links that are directed back to your site. However, beyond that, sweet add-ons like more traffic that is relevant, reputation, online recognition, and authority are also to be expected due to proper link building techniques.

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