25 January 2014
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Factors To Consider While Designing Your Mobile Marketing Strategy


Designing mobile marketing strategies to suit the mobile user population is becoming an effective way of attaining online presence. To successfully implement this objective; Factors such as device usage, search patterns and timing must be considered.

Mobile Marketing Strategy | image credit – business2community.com


Business today are fully aware of the potential of the mobile market. Hence, numerous big brands are promoting themselves through mobile marketing

– 48% of the total mobile users use search engines for getting shopping related information and queries.

– Every week more than 5 hours are spent by an average mobile user browsing different mobile sites and apps.

Due to all the above-mentioned stats, Mobile marketing is preferred by numerous companies. According to AdWords blog, before purchase, a particular product or service users visit a website around six times. The blog also signifies the effect of mobile marketing on various different channels such as store sales, online revenue etc. Therefore, if you are planning a strategy for mobile website optimization or just pure online sales make sure you considers mobile users.

Following pointers could help in achieving better online presence:

– Customize your website


Customize Website | image credit – addz.com


Customize your website and its ads according to the mobile users. You can add a call to action within your description that is linked to mobile version of ads. Combining this feature with metrics such as purchase timing, research patterns, user category, interest etc. can prove to be very beneficial while optimizing your mobile website as well as improving your ROI.

– Smartphone compatible website

In this age, creating a website that does not function on mobile can prevent you from generating better revenue. Therefore, most of the businesses today create websites that are compatible on smartphone. Visitors like interactive pages with less scrolling. Creating a website with better user experience plays a key role in a mobile marketing strategy.

– Track results and customer behaviours

Analyse the actions carried out by the website visitors, this is called as behaviour tracking, and this action can be performed by using various tools available by Google.

– Create a mobile specific sales funnel

Consider all the aspects related to the mobile users. Implementing call to actions and express check out option to your mobile website will make it a lot more user friendly and easier to navigate.

Use all extensions that might attract customers

Users make their purchase decision based on locality, interest, convenience and of course customer assistance provided by the company. You can incorporate these elements in your AdWords campaign to make it more interactive and concentrated. During this situation, we can also use features such as call extension, location extension, site links etc.

– Use shorter keywords & direct Ads


Mobile Ads | image credit – picstopin.com

Mobile users often tend to search with short queries. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your ads and keywords shorter. Your ideas, offers, and a call to action to the viewer must be conveyed by your ads.

Consider these above listed points while designing a mobile marketing strategy. It is a notable fact that mobile marketing is growing tremendously, but does not mean that you can generate sales with mindless marketing strategies. An online business needs to connect, engage, and direct your customer base to your product page. This can only be achieved through well researched and development marketing strategy.

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