6 January 2015
Social Media
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Facebook Offers the Easiest Way to Arrange News Feeds


Anybody can use Facebook. It is one of the most user friendly social media platforms in the world. Today users can customize their accounts according to their preferences. This is the reason why the Facebook user base varies from 13 year old kids to 80 year old users.



Facebook | image credit – drive.google.com


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has stated in the past that the main objective of Facebook is to provide its users with more convenience and control. Recently, users have been complaining about their news feed being flooded with countless posts that are not useful. To make Facebooking a lot more easier, users will be offered more control on the news feed.

With this upgraded News feed algorithm, users can now decide what they want to see and what they would rather ignore.

Features offer by the new Facebook news feed :

If you see a story that you are not interested in or don’t want to see, you can tap the arrow on the top right corner of that story and click on “I don’t want to see this”.

To see fewer stories from a particular person or brand in your news feed choose to see less from them.

You can also choose to “unfollow” them to stop seeing their stories and news feeds. Don’t worry you will still be friends and can always refollow them later, if you want to.








You can visit the news feed settings to see all friends, pages and groups you are following or haven’t followed.

Facebook News Feed | Image creditdrive.google.com


You can see who you have seen the most from the last week.

You can also sort the following based on people, friends and groups. Unfollow friends, pages and groups if you don’t

want to see their news feeds.

Facebook users can also see whom they have unfollowed in the past and choose to re-follow them.

These are some of the really handy features offer by the “new Facebook news feeds”.

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