12 October 2015
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Embrace The New Generation Of Rank Tracking


Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more have been there for years for SEO rank tracking. Of course, you might be having one of your favorite among all of these that you must be using quite often. We have witnessed many innovations in the search engines over the years. We have seen flexible search results pages separated by device and specialized search results like maps or shopping. Anyone who is doing SEO for a business, attaining a decent rank in each of the important SERPs i.e. Search Engine Result Pages remains crucially important.



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Below are few of the features that you should keep track of in any following generation rank tracking platform:-

1) Good Engine Consideration inclusive of YouTube: Among the search engines available in today’s date, YouTube in itself is a vast search engine. If your work or business is related to e-commerce, then you will also need to consider on Amazon.

2) Mobile Rank Tracking: In today’s generation, mobile rank is equally important. The search queries percentage happening against the target keywords can be remarkably above 50 percent of total queries.

3) Local Tracking: For any small or big business, it’s always good to bring your rank results focused to your city and country. Only three listings by the Local Map Pack SERPs is seen, making it even more important to take care of the tracking.

4) Revised Reports: For proper tracking record, it is very crucial to keep a check on day-to-day activities. Notifications of emails is the best way to keep tracking more clear, easier and efficient. The other way of keeping the client happy is by getting the automated scheduled reports.

5) API Approach to Data & Reports: If you think of mixing data from different sources, include more than one ranking service or wish to combine site-side data with ranking data then this feature will be of great help to you.

6) Multilingual Capabilities: In the SEO world, there are a large number of International groups whose members are searching in their native language.

7) Fresh Data: You should always keep a check on the age of your data. Data that are old ranked are of no use. Choose a platform or a medium that would assure updated and precise data.

8) Visual Data Representations: It is always easier to understand things with the help of charts and graphs. Data tables can be confusing sometimes. So you should consider the user interface design of the ranking tools used by you.

9) Security: Here, you don’t require any kind of proxies.

The availability of White Label Reporting is a highly crucial attribute of the rank checking platforms used by you. In case you are an agency, this feature is of great help. When you combine with API access, a great White Label Reporting Interface can make your work easier by facilitating clients and in-house teams with worthy information.

As per your requirement you may think of having only one rank checking platform, or may be more than that, but one thing you need to remember is that the industry  is changing fast. You need to keep yourself updated about rank tracking options to make sure that you are moving ahead with the time.

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