22 July 2014
Social Media
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Eight Top Qualities Companies Look in a Social Media Executive


The social media industry has evolved over the past couple of years. It can be used for different purposes such as customer relationship, customer service, marketing, sales etc. Businesses have realized that social media is the fast and most interactive way of engaging with the customers.

The volume of social media users is increasing rapidly. This has developed many career opportunities in the field of social media marketing.

Following are some of the points that agencies look in a social media professional :

Knowledge about current affairs :

Digital marketing executives should be able to engage with their audience on any current topic that is related to their niche.They should be able to participate in discussions on technology, travel, fashion, sports and various other current events. For eg : During FIFA 2014, many agencies designed their marketing strategies keeping in mind their football loving audience.

Passion :

Social Media | image credit – churchm.ag

A job can become monotonous and boring without passion. Passionate employees improve their skill with every assigned task. Companies are always looking for such candidates who are passionate about their field of interest.


Narrative Skills :

Narrative Skills | image credit – farm6.static.flickr.com


A Social media executive should be able to narrate stories or ideas within few words. A good storyteller can instantly catch user’s attention through his/her work. Having a social media marketer with an amazing narrative skill can help a business gain more followers and build strong social presence.


Updated social media expertise :

Social Media Expertise | image credit – viralblog.com


Businesses hire a social media company for increasing their user engagement. Social media trends are fluctuating on a daily basis. New strategies or techniques are introduced every day. Therefore, as a social media strategist you need to stay updated and create strategies accordingly for various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and Youtube.


Communication skills :

Communications Skils | image credit – careerbright.com


Social media is all about interactions and building relationships. Therefore, it should not be perceived as a marketing platform. It is very important that a social media professionals should have great communication skill. He should be able to post well written small contents that are easier to understand by regular users.


Decision making skills :

Decision Making Skills | image credit – thinkwatson.com


A social media executive represents a brand. Therefore, he/she creates the online personality of that brand. Their bad decision will portray poor image of the clients. This may also result in the loss of followers. Therefore, a social media professional should have better decision making skills.


Following industry leaders and competition :

Industry Leaders & Competition | image credit – privatelandlorddirectory.com


A social media analyst is required to learn the basics of every single web technology. This knowledge can be very useful while creating strategies for various clients.

Today, students are willing to be a part of the social media industry. It is considered as a hot career. Social media is one of the most creative and interesting field of online marketing.

So, be a social media executive and have an exciting career.

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