12 March 2014
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Earn Money Through Website Monetization


Countless websites are created on the web on a daily basis. These sites can be blogs, business websites, e-commerce site etc. There are different intentions behind a website creation such as selling products, marketing, information sharing, networking etc. Countless businesses hire web designing firms and online marketing experts to attain these objectives and boost their revenue.

Website Monetization

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Well, there is another way of earning money online through your business website or blog. This process is known as website monetization.

Website monetization is a feature that allows you to earn extra income by selling products and displaying ads of other relevant businesses from your website. Therefore, optimizing your website perfectly allows you to get more target traffic, achieve conversion as well as earn money through these online advertisements. Cost per impression (CPM) and Pay per click (PPC) are popular methods of online advertising.

Methods of Earning Money through Your Website :

Google contextual ads & AdSense – With this feature you can volunteer to display ads on your website. When a user clicks on these ads on your website, you earn money.

Affiliate marketing – This program helps you earn money whenever a user clicks on an ad or buys a product through your ad.

Ad sales – This technique allows you to show ads directly from your websites. You can display any ad of your choice but make sure they are relevant to your website. For eg : If you have a gym website then you make a deal with a protein supplement company and show their ads within your web pages.

Sell services and products – This method can be used to sell your own product. It is one of the most effective methods.

Creating a perfectly monetized site :

Consider the following aspects to create a productive website :

  • Your target audience
  • Products and services you want to sell
  • What is your USP(unique selling point) ?
  • Be ready to experiment :

Internet provides you with endless possibilities. There are numerous different ways of bringing web traffic. However, make sure that these techniques are based on the search engine guidelines. Be innovative and add various features to your website to improve the user experience. A happy customer will always choose your website for future purchase. To improve your web traffic, make sure you conduct regular website and search engine traffic analysis.

Boost your customer loyalty and earn profit :

Your visitors will choose your products or recommendations only if they trust your brand. Building relationship with your customers is a very important part of earning revenue. Many websites fail to do so.

Remember, only aged sites can earn better revenue. If your website is new, provide useful information to visitors and earn their loyalty. When your website becomes old enough, you can place ads and sell products through it. This will help in achieving better conversion rate.

These are some of the points that will help you design a better website and earn better revenue.

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