28 January 2014
Social Media
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Customer Engagement Strategies By Top 3 Brands


Across the world, there are over billions of people, in totality, and over hundreds of thousands of products and services. Companies or corporate houses, colloquially referred to as ‘brands’ these days, are finding ways and means to tap their consumer’s emotions and interests and thereby improvise on the brand value.

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Whether it is an international or a domestic brand, each one of them are working to grab the attention of their respective customer base. For this, social media optimization has come to the fore as a sweet delight. Beneficial for both brands as well as customers, social media marketing allows both parties to come together and engage by putting their common interests at high priority.

That said, even the smartest as well as lesser-known companies are taking advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, YouTube, etc. and allowing greater consumer-brand engagement.

Here are some of the leading brands that have accordingly tweaked their business strategies and marketing plans in order to get closer to the customers.

1. Coca Cola

No doubt, Coca Cola is one of the biggest brands in the world. Moreover, to keep up with their brand value, the cold drink giant has always worked upon strategies that goes beyond their core product and devises strategies keeping in mind customers’ emotions and sentiments.

The latest episode in their widely known ‘Share Happiness’ campaign was rolled out first in Denmark, which is apparently world’s happiest country. To add to it, the country’s national flag also bears the same colours as the Coca Cola logo. The brand went ahead and decided to make an interactive airport advertisement that dispenses Danish flags, as it is a best-loved practice to treat arriving travellers by waving to them.

2. Dove

Who doesn’t know about Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches ad? Well, it has been viral for a long time now and continues to make an impact on the women of all ages. The out-of-the-box thinking of people behind Dove has taken this ad to be crowned as most engaging and appealing advertisement of all times.

It is still as meaningful and the ad has immense positive response over the years. The audience have really loved the self-esteem boosting message delivered by Dove via social media optimization.


IKEA is easily one of those companies that has always been on its toes to create imperative content that engages its customers one way or another. So much so that the customer-friendly content drafted by IKEA has been the one, which is most shared across social media platforms.

Customers seem to be smitten by the ever-compelling strategy adopted by the brand, which reflects a well-formed understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by people in their homes.

Like for instance, IKEA UK is attributed by the ‘Make Small Spaces Big’ campaign. It is an online video that takes a 360-degree tour of a small living space – completed by clever designing ideas. The video appeals to those living in UK and Ireland as it focuses on incorporating multifunctional and space-saving furniture.

So, take tips from these big companies and devise customer-friendly content for your brand so that it is loved more everywhere it goes.

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