12 July 2014
Web Designing
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Common Web Designing Mistakes And Their Remedies


Web designing is a complex task. To create a unique website that stands out, a web designer has to test lot of things. No matter how good your skills are, you can still make mistakes. In web designing, a single issue can be solved through different ways. Only an experienced web design professional will do it the easy way.

You will find countless website design firms in India. You can even hire freelance designers for this purpose. These designers can create a website within a month. As a website owner, you should be able to identify a good or bad website.

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the common web designing mistakes :

Irritating Pop-Ups and Modals

In some websites, when you click on a link, pop ups appear on your screen. This modals/pop ups have nothing to do with the user’s objective. When a reader clicks on an article’s link, he or she should be able to read that article instantly. If the users want to subscribe to your newsletter, they will. You don’t have to bug them with these pop ups.



Using modals the right way can also make your website design smooth and convenient. For example; you can use modals to display your contact form. When a user clicks on the ”Contact us” button, the contact form modal will appear.

Using Text

Web designing allows you to portray your business idea using texts, images and videos. However, don’t try to stuff your page. Often websites fill their homepage with different textual contents which can be distracting to the users. Such a design doesn’t serve your website’s objective. Try to keep your homepage simple. Use a simple image or background that does not hide your text.



If you want to use huge portions of text within your web pages then try to break them down into small sections. Break the important section and try to highlight them in your page.

– Poor Use of Space

Many amateur designers often make this mistake. As their focus is to fill the page with relevant information as well as call-to actions, they forget the importance of space.



Having proper space between the element makes your web page easy on the human eye. It is recommend that you use framework such as Foundation and Bootstrap. These software will help you design websites with proper space.

– Lack of Innovation

Every new domain offers a web designer a blank slate. There are endless ways through which an idea can be promoted. Be brave enough to modify the rules and think out of the box. Even the search engines like new and innovative website design as long as it is user friendly . This is the reason why website design is considered as a ranking signal.

– Complicated Navigation

Creating a navigation is one of the most difficult tasks. Often amateur designers create navigation without considering the screen flow. A good navigation can only be created after thorough research on their client’s business, products and services. Your navigation should be easy to understand for the users as well as search engines.



Many web design firms create websites that are not properly optimized. As a website designer, it is necessary that you create website that is recognised by the search engines. This will help a website to attain better online visibility.

Choosing a web designing agency from India is a great option for small businesses but make sure to choose the right one. Analyze their past projects and check for the above mentioned mistakes. We hope that this blog will help you choose an experienced and skilled web designing service.

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