Why High-Quality Backlinks Are Important For SEO?

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Why High-Quality Backlinks Are Important For SEO?


When a link from a website points to your website it is called a backlink. This means the website has a hyperlink to your website. These are the links people and the search engines use to navigate the internet.

Backlinks are a main ranking factor and can affect a website’s rankings to a great extent. When quality backlinks from reputable sites point to your website then it is given a higher ranking score.

The aim of SEO is to increase a website’s rankings and backlinks are an important factor. A quality backlink is a link from a high authority and reputable website which is recognised within its industry.


The two main aspects of backlink quality are relevance and authority. When a link comes from a website which covers the same topic as yours then the link will be more worthy. The backlink will carry more weight. There are many factors that affect authority. One of them is domain authority, the higher the domain authority and the more valuable the backlink.

Search engines do not treat all backlinks equally. Acquiring quality backlinks is more important than the number of backlinks. When high quality websites link to a website the search engine knows that the site is trustworthy and has useful content. One high quality backlink is rated higher than several unknown links.


A bad quality link comes from a website that is untrusted or unrelated.

If a website has violated Google Webmaster’s Guidelines then the links from such sites will be untrustworthy.

Low quality backlinks can be purchased and there are agencies that provide such shady service.

Buying or selling links is considered unethical by Google and your website could be penalised.


A good backlink will be associated with information related to your company like name, address and phone.

You should set anchor text for a link and attach it to something important like your company’s name or your important keywords. A good backlink should be clearly positioned.

If it is placed in a highly visible location then it will drive traffic to your website directly and also contribute to search engine ranking.

Building quality backlinks is an off-page SEO technique used to build trust in your website. You should earn high quality backlinks within your niche.

The Following Are The Ways To Build Quality Backlinks:


Creating quality content is one of the best ways to get relevant websites to link to yours. If the content can be easily shared then it is an advantage. Infographics, videos and images are examples of content that can be used across platforms and then link back to your website.

For example, you can create an infographic with relevant information which others can use in their blogs and articles. Linking back through it will show your website as a reputable reference.


There are different ways to create a relationship with another website. One of the ways is guest blogging. You can offer to write content for a website and post it. You can link back to your website from it. You can also write testimonials and include a link back to your website. This will benefit both the websites.

You can link to other websites in your content whenever appropriate. You should find websites that add value to your post. You can write an email to the writers and tell them that you liked their article and you are including it in your post as well. You should try to connect at a personal level for long term benefits.


You can get good quality backlinks from web directories, manually compiled as well as automated. You can get your website listed in a directory that is related to your industry, location or function. The more relevant the directory the better for you.

Another way of building backlinks is to create your own. You can publish a blog post about a topic you have previously posted and include a link to the first post in the body of the new post. By tying related content will make your website easier to navigate by visitors and crawlers. You will be rewarded for this effort.


Another way to generate high quality backlinks is to maintain a social media presence.

Links in your social media post can act as backlinks and if your content is shared then you may get more traffic to your website.

This will keep it in industry relevant locations and may benefit those who need your services / products.